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REVIEW: 3D Package Online

While contemplating making my first e-book, there was one important question that needed to be addressed i.e. how to create a proper e-book cover. There were many tools available online to make free and commercial e-book covers but non actually seemed easy enough, with many requiring some knowledge of photoshop and downloading several images and program files in zip format. This meant that most of the tools encountered were sometimes cumbersome and problematic to use. However, all this changed when I came across 3D-pack purely by coincidence.


According to their website – – 3d package is a 3d-box graphic generator that allows you to create 3d-box images online and for free. More importantly, you do not require any expert knowledge as it is extremely easy to use. In fact, all that is required is to upload 3 pictures from directly from your PC for the front cover, back cover and side. Then click on “Create 3d-box” to generate automatic 3D covers in the most popular image formats i.e. JPG, GIF or PNG.

What’s more? Well, 3d-pack does not only create perfect e-book covers, it also caters for 4 other electronic covers – CD & box, 3d-box, cd-box and dvd-box. Furthermore, users can rotate the newly created 3d-box by dragging it with the mouse in order to get a perfect point of view.

VERDICT: 3d-pack is potentially a very useful online program for e-book writers particularly bloggers who are not very tech-savvy. In a similar way to saynoto0870, other Web users could also find it useful.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Giovanni

    March 5, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Have just used 3D Package’s Box maker and found it worked really well. What particularly impressed me was the 3D Preview which worked really smoothly and effectively to show me exactly what I was going to get. Great online tool – recommended.

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