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Required Maintenance Schedule and Preventative Actions for Table Top Ice and Water Dispensers

Regardless of how well an Ice machine performs and how much you hear about its reliability, it needs proper maintenance to deliver the same quality of service over a long period.

The most important factors that directly affect an ice maker’s performance and efficiency are its location and installation. So, when you invest in an ice machine, make sure to acquire installation services for the machine from an experienced ice machine expert or technician. Make sure it’s accurately positioned and properly installed as described in the product’s user manual.

Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents

If you want to minimize the risk of electrical shock and fire when using the appliance, here are some fundamental precautionary tips you must follow.

Three-Pronged Outlet

Always plug the ice dispenser into a three-pronged outlet because it ensures a safe supply of electricity to the ice machine. The GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) grounds the electricity and shuts off the power supply when there’s a ground fault, to protect the person using the machine from electric shock.

Plugging In/Plugging Out

Never plug or unplug the appliance with wet hands and don’t try to unplug it by pulling the cord, you need to firmly grip the plug and pull swiftly from the outlet.

Cleaning and Repair

Before performing cleaning, repair, and maintenance operations, take care of the following points:

  • Make sure that the water supply line and power supply line are switched off.
  • When trying to repair or reset the appliance, never touch the evaporator with bare hands when the machine is operational. First, switch off the machine and then check the evaporator.
  • Don’t clean the ice machine or dispenser with a flammable fluid or a cleaning product that contains hazardous substances. Never keep flammable liquids and vapors or gasoline near the ice machine. It may lead to explosions and fire hazards.
  • Ice machines are complex appliances and can easily damage when you try to repair them with no prior experience or knowledge. If you notice any problems with your ice machine, contact your ice machine rental solution provider or an experienced technician.

Guidelines to Improve the Longevity of Ice and Water Dispensers

Here are some maintenance tips to help you make your ice and water dispenser last longer.

Optimal Conditions for Optimum Performance

Here are important things to remember when using ice dispensers:

  • Always install and use the ice dispensers in a properly ventilated space. Make sure the surrounding space isn’t congested and the machine only operates under optimum temperature (i.e., 50°F–100°F.)
  • Make sure that the surrounding area isn’t exposed to high winds, rain, dripping, and water sprays. Don’t place the oven near a heating appliance, such as grills and ovens.
  • For an adequate flow of water through the evaporator, make sure the ice dispenser is leveled. If not, the appliance won’t perform up to the mark.
  • After connecting the water line, check if there are any leaks and get them fixed immediately.
  • Always remember to turn on the water supply before starting the ice machine. Don’t turn it off when the machine is still working.
  • For best results, try not to open the dispenser door unless you need to dispense the ice. It will minimize ice melting and will help you get the maximum amount of ice in a short time.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Here’s a proper maintenance schedule for ice machines and ice dispensers.

Daily Maintenance

Regularly clean the ice scoops using a premium quality detergent and rinse them thoroughly.

Weekly Maintenance

Air-cooled ice and water dispensers consist of air filters that easily catch dirt and dust and negatively affect the machine’s performance. Wash off the dirt and dust using warm water and natural detergents.

Monthly Maintenance

You should check the ice dispenser’s external water filters at least once every month. Check the pressure and adjust it if needed. Clean the appliance’s exterior and bottom area using a soft and clean cloth and a natural detergent. Non-abrasive detergents can help you clean the green spots (chlorine dye) from the outside of the dispenser.

Maintenance After 6 Months

Your ice and water dispenser needs extensive maintenance after every six months.

Reservoir and Dispenser

After 6 months of use of an ice machine, you need to disinfect its reservoir and dispenser. Check out the products’ user manual to learn about the disinfection guidelines.

Extensive Disinfection of Drain Pans

Prepare a disinfectant solution according to the instructions provided in the user manual. After wiping with a soft cloth and warm water, strain a cup of the solution into the evaporator condensate drain pan, but make sure it doesn’t overflow. The solution will cross the geared motor drain pan and will drift out from the drain channel. Finally, rinse it well using water.

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