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REPORT: Our Facebook Page Username

When our Facebook page was opened, we left the URL in its default state which was something like the following – However, having observed our failure to attract hundreds of fans in the last month :-), we suspect that our Fan page URL might have something to do with this. As a result, we ‘applied’ for a username (/techsling) on Facebook and were successful with our application (thankfully, the username was still available).  Therefore, our Fan page will now be accessible via the following URL:

logoYes, I know. We should have thought of this a long time ago! While our assumption may be wrong, it is still quite pleasing that it will be easier to share the new URL with others and I don’t have to crack my memory ever again in order to remember our Fan page URL. Whether this will lead to a surge in Facebook ‘Likes’ or encourage our Facebook readers to suggest our Fan page to their Friends, is anyone’s guess but it will be quite interesting to observe and see whether having a username will make any difference at all (this month).

Talking Point

Are you a Facebook user? What do you think people look for in a Facebook Fan page and how beneficial are these pages to bloggers?

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