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The Remote DBA Expert Explains Why Oracle is the Leader in In-Memory Database Solutions

More and more organizations are focusing on rolling out extreme transactions and real-time analytics to support the growing demands of business that has given a massive push to in-memory databases.  The in-memory database market is experiencing tremendous growth pegged at 19% compounded annually between the period 2016 and 2020.  Data generation has increased massively, and this has fuelled the rapid expansion of in-memory databases as customers are aggressively looking out to extract maximum value from the data that they generate and store.

Data has changed

The specialists at Remote would confirm that the perception of data has changed in the modern market. Data is enormously influential in providing insights about customer profiles that becomes useful for guiding corporate strategies in charting out new paths of generating revenue. In this aspect, business owners are treating data a capital, which, if used correctly, can change the fortunes of the company. Companies are not happy anymore to realize the necessity of digitization and data processing, but they are interested in acquiring more capabilities in doing it faster than the competition. In this context, when people are anxious to use real-time data, an In-Memory database is no more something that is nice to have but is critical to support transactions of the next generation and provide operational insights by using analytics.

Understanding In-Memory database

The technical features of the database help to understand what In-Memory database is all about. It stores all or the majority of critical data in DRAM, SSD, and flash drives on either distributed or a single server to support many different kinds of workloads including those related to the transaction, operation and analytics, running in the cloud or on-premises. The commonly seen In-Memory database workloads include real-time apps that require low latency access to critical data for business, analytics related to customers for enhancing customer experience, applications based on Internet of Things (IoT) for improving operational efficiency and for providing integrated data to mobile apps.

Building an In-Memory database requires much more work than creating a database on DRAM memory or flash storage within a server.  The In-Memory database solutions have extensive capabilities of generating cost-saving opportunities and driving significant revenue that sets it apart from the standard IT solutions.

The Oracle leadership

Oracle outlines the reasons why In-Memory databases turned out to be the leader.

Flexibility and choice are the most important reasons why customers fall for in-memory databases as they can choose between Oracle Database In-Memory and Oracle Times Ten In-Memory products. The combination allows deployment of any application- transactional, analytical and operational. There is a third option, the high-performing Oracle’s Exadata Appliance that supports larger footprints in data assimilation.

Oracle offers a cloud-based database management platform in addition to the on premise solution. It widens the acceptability of In-Memory solutions that are designed, built and optimized for the cloud. The user experience is the same whether it is on-premise or in the cloud.

Last but not the least, Oracle’s ability to execute with finesse has contributed in gaining a leadership position.

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