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Recover Virtual Server Items via Ideal VHD Data Recovery Application

Doubtless to say that in this present world, virtualization has become an important aspect and is bestowing a lot in large amount of data storage capacity. VHD data recovery application one such tool that creates virtual machine files in a single host system and avoids usage of multiple systems. Also, as everything in this cosmos is prone to corruption, so is the fate of VHD files created by Hyper-V tool. At such situations it becomes necessary to recover Virtual Server data that might include text, images, audio, and video.

Recovery gets essential because virtualization is usually preferred in organizations that might be small, mid or large to store huge amount of data. Losing important and crucial virtual machine data is obviously unacceptable by organizations. By using Hyper-V VHD recovery software it is possible to tackle all these issues and get back each and every item with 100% accuracy.

Levels of Corruption and Related Error Encountered With VHD Data:

Usually Virtual hard disk files created by Hyper-V are believed to be highly reliable source for storing data as VHD file format. But this belief has been proved wrong by number of corruption issues and the errors encountered after VHD files were tried to access.

How to Fix Error Messages or Corruption Issues

VHD file may get damaged due to several corruption causes: because of hardware failure or file being stored at faulty network. If you want to know how to fix data harm problems of VHD then, use its powerful and easy-to-use recovery modes: Quick, Advance and Raw.

Firstly install VHD data recovery tool and then Browse VHD file on it. Then, Software will ask you to choose any one scanning mode to start recovery process.

  • Quick Scan Mode: This Mode is helpful if you are facing minor problems on VHD file. Simply browse your corrupt .vhd and software will start scanning and repairing process of it and retrieve your entire data from it without any alteration.
  • Advance Scan Mode: This mode is slower than Quick Scan mode, as it deeply scans the entire drive and works on worst corruption or damage situation. By applying this mode, you not even recover nastiest corrupted files data but also get back your deleted or formatted VHD file or partition records with its original format.

  • Raw Scan Mode: This mode is only useful when you are facing Master Boot Record related problems on your fixed VHD file. Tool superbly fix this issues and retrieve your data from Virtual Server.

Technical Details

 Software Name – Hyper-V Recovery Software

Version – 2.1

Size – 1.34 MB

Price – $99 (for Personal Use)

Compatible – Windows Server 8 and Other Below Editions of Win OS

Processor -1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

RAM – 512 MB

Free Hard Disk Space – 5 MB

Final Judgment:

So,to deal with any severe error or any level of corruption issues, I strongly preferred use this VHD data recovery tool. This is because it can repair VHD files corrupted with any level of damage easily and also without data loss. Get it over here:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David

    March 14, 2016 at 7:13 am

    This VHD application is really cool.

    From many tech savvies, I have heard that the process of recovering data from corrupted servers is not easy.

    Since, it involves recovering files, information, settings from damaged servers and installing backup systems, the process is known as “server disaster recovery”. But now no time will be wasted. With the help of this application, many priority based jobs will be completed on or before time.

    I went through the whole post till the end; it is really educative and easy.

    I sincerely thank you for sharing this post with us.

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