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9 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Startups

Introduced in the year 2003, WordPress has emerged as the number one content management system. Its popularity has steadily increased over the years owing to the several features that it provides website developers. Moreover, these features have been constantly updated and new features added to the platform.

If you are new to the world of website creation and content management system, it is essential for you to understand the basics.

Before we move on to explain why WordPress is the best CMS for startups it is important to know what it basically is and what it does.

Content Management System

You are familiar with the notion that content reigns supreme on the internet. You have to create high-quality websites that have great content. However, the process of website creation and its editing should be easy. WordPress is one platform that allows you to create websites easily without the need for writing codes and scripts. It is an open source CMS which denotes that it can be used by the public and does not need specialists or experts. The best thing about WordPress is that it is available for free.

Startups and their Problems

As a startup, you have so many things to handle initially. You need to handle the finances, resources, team members and other essentials of starting a business. You might not be having a large budget to hire specialist website developers. This is where an easy-to-use and intuitive CMS comes to help. WordPress fits in the role perfectly. It is available for free and you can use it easily to create your website.

Reasons why WordPress is the Best CMS

Ease of use is the prime reason why it is recommended and used by most beginners. Everything that you need to develop a website is easily available with the platform. With simple clicks, you can create websites of your choice. There are several themes available with the platform easing your task of designing the background. Adding posts, images and videos are equally simple. Here are some other benefits of WordPress:

Big Returns on Investment

Small businesses have limited resources making it difficult for them to hire specialists or experts for certain tasks, website creation being one of them. WordPress offers them the ability to create a website easily. Digital marketing is one arena, using which even small business owners can reach their targeted audiences and customers directly. A Higher number of traffic means increased conversions. Therefore, WordPress is available for free enables startup owners to get better returns on their investments, no matter how small they may be.

Website Customization as Required

Website owners can customize their website as per their requirement. There are several inbuilt themes and plugins that make it easy to create websites accordingly. Without hiring any developer, a startup owner with a little knowledge of CMS can make a website using WordPress.

Development of One-Page Sites Easily

Startups do not have multi-page websites initially. They simply want to convey their message and a single-page website is ideal for them. WordPress is the ideal CMS for such websites as it lets you create the single page websites easily. With several themes available at the platform, giving high-quality functionality to one-page websites is easy. It also adds to the credibility of the website, which is essential in drawing more customers.

Search Engine Optimized Website

Search engines have their set of rules and regulations for the websites and their spiders crawl through the websites to ensure that these rules are followed. Websites that are search engine optimized get a higher ranking in the search results as compared to those that are not optimized. WordPress enables you to optimize the content easily. The visual rich text editor allows you to format the text as you want to. You can add hyperlinks, upload images and add heading tags as well. Further to optimize the website and links, you can use the keywords in the hyperlinks as well.

Add Functionality Later

With WordPress you are not bound to the same theme or functions as you did when you created the website. If a startup website wants to add more features and functionality to the website, it can be easily done with WordPress. An efficient team of developers keeps updating the features of the platform enabling users to bring more depth to their websites. Moreover, with the website gaining attraction and attention from the customers, it can be enhanced later when required, without any difficulty.

Email Management

Keeping in touch with your existing and potential customers is very important in today’s business scenario. Companies that add a hint of personal touch when communicating with their customers are more likely to succeed than those that do not do so. The reason for this is that customers today like to be pampered. They want companies to take interest in what they have to say and suggest. Also they want to get the information related to the company, first hand. Email management is one of the ways to keep in touch with the customers.

WordPress gives you easy-to-use email management plugins and extensions making it easy to stay in touch and interact with the customers. You can even create a design or frame that identifies your brand making it easier for customers to recognize it.


Now that you know what WordPress is and what benefits it offers, you will be able to understand why it is the best CMS for startups. As a startup business owner, saving time and money is essential for you and both these things are provided by WordPress. There are other content management systems like Joomla and Drupal available in the market but they are either too extensive or too complex for beginners like you. Therefore, you must choose WordPress as the CMS for your startup website. It will help you in getting your business to the world, getting more business leads, generating more revenue, retain customers in a better way, provide quality customer satisfaction and finally provide excellent branding of your business.

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Nirdesh Singh has 10 years of experience in IT sector. He decided to start his own development company in 2012 and founded Zedex Info Pvt Ltd. where he is director also. He is also co-founder of a B2B IT resource-sharing platform in India. He loves to write and share about technology, startups, and businesses very often.

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