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The Increasing Need for Psychologists In Los Angeles

According to the recent estimations made by National Institute of Mental Health, there are more than 40 million people in the US who are affected by some kind of mental stress, insomnia, anxiety and other depression- related disorders.

The current population of the USA stands at 323.1 million. The estimated 40 million of 323 million population means currently 18% of the total population of US is facing stress in their life. Most of the people who are facing stress in the US lie in the age group of 18-55.

Usually, stress in an individual is related to genetic mutilations, a chemical imbalance in the mind or specific trauma, but psychologist in Los Angeles are blaming the social circumstances as the major reason behind the increasing cases of stress-related disorders in the US.

Causes predicted by psychologists in Los Angeles behind the increasing stress

Some common caused predicted by psychologists in Los Angeles behind the increasing stress-related disorders are as follows

  1. A common reason which psychologists in the US today are blaming for the increasing mental disorders, insomnia and anxiety-related disorders is the mismatch between the current environment and the people living in it. According to them, technology is bringing evolutions at such a fast pace that most individuals are failing to keep pace with it.
  2. The tendency to develop an inferiority complex in young boys and girls has increased in the last few years. A girl or a boy watching TV in his/her living room tends to compare him/herself with the person on the screen. The characters on the screen are beautiful and they are not.  In this haste of becoming beautiful like the characters on the screen, the entire peace in the life of an individual is lost.
  3. In today’s world, people try to do too much in their life.  From scaling corporate ladder, giving time to family, spending time on social media, and to travelling to explore yet to be discovered destinations in the world are some of the aims of man in today’s world. Amid all this, there are lifestyle bloggers and Fitness magazines which constantly instigate a person to use their methods and ways to makeover their bodies in just a few weeks.
  4. All this is done in a way that a person gets allured rather fooled into thinking that it is compulsory for him/her to do all of these. The divided attention to multiple tasks at the same time creates an imbalance in one’s professional and family life.
  5. It is extremely difficult for an office worker to nurture work, be creative, fit and travel the world at the same time. All this leads to self-brought undue stress and exhaustion in life as one fails to prioritize things in life. The person seems to lose goal or focus of his/her life.
  6. Environmental problems can cause a person to overthink about the state of the world, increasing anxiety and stress. This can cause the individual to sleep poorly, and eat less if they are always worried.

Negative effects of poor stress-related mechanisms

Stress is an inevitable part of today’s busy life, but the irony is that most people try to beat it through poor stress-related mechanisms. Some people resort to alcohol, caffeine or eating junk foods.  But according to a Los Angeles Psychologist, these poor stress-busting mechanisms instead of helping us to beat stress multiply our problems. According to a Psychologist, excessive alcohol or caffeine intake leads to anxiety and insomnia.

The stress in Today’s busy life may be inevitable but that does not mean there is no antidote left in the world to beat the stress of modern life.  One easy way to do with the modern day stress according to a Los Angeles Psychologist is to decrease your dependency on the unhelpful coping skills like, smoking, alcohol and drug etc. instead

The Psychologist suggests patient to focus on developing such coping skills in him/her that can actually help them get rid of the modern day stress.  The alcohol, smoking and drugs just distract you from the issue while as helpful coping skills decrease your emotional response to the incidents in life.

Growing need for psychologists in Los Angeles

According to various studies, on an average, an individual in today’s world, whether they live in US or another country, suffers an average of 2 hours and 28 minutes. And the major contribution in it is the effect of all our minor worries.  The stress level reaches peak early in the week on Monday at 11:00 am, when office workers reach the office and start checking emails, weigh up to- do –lists and start preparing for a hectic week ahead.

Among the various cities of USA, the mental stress level in Los Angeles keep thousands of people out of their homes. Some severely stressed out people prefer to sleep on benches in parks rather than going to home in the evening.  According to a psychologist in Los Angeles, these disorders are manageable if the patients are right kind of counselling or medication time. If the patient is left unattended for a long time, the stress will debilitate the person leaving him or her   In addition to adopting the coping mechanism to beat and stress, an extra support of a Psychologist in Los Angeles will always give patient an extra defense against the stress.

A treatment by a Psychologist near me will help me as a patient to cope up with the increasing stress level in many ways. Different studies have shown that when a local psychologist talks to a patient in a more personalized manner, the verbalizing feelings produce a very significant therapeutic effect on the brain.  A local psychologist makes a patient more comfortable that he/she feels they are in conversation with a friend.

Psychologists in Los Angeles help patient identify the cause of stress or problems in life that are actually the reason behind the stress in your life. When we take up a new task in life or decide to change the way of our life, we are encountered by certain mental blocks which hinder our progress. A psychotherapist in Los Angeles, helps us get over those mental blocks so that we approach to the task with much more confidence.  They help us in formulating a plan to bring some significant changes in our way of life.

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