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Reasons Why Oracle Database Solutions is Proven in Market Leadership


When it comes to market leadership nothing seems to surpass Oracle. This is not just a statement to start the discussion but a fact. If you consider the recent non-sponsored survey conducted by the IT Brand Pulse which is titled, ‘IT Pros Vote 2016 Server and Database Brand Leaders” you will find that Oracle is the leaders in the SQL Database market segment.

Being a reliable source for research, data and analysis about data center infrastructure the agency also found that the measure of the pulse of brand-specific leadership for the specific product categories. Considering the different product category several respondents were considered and all chose Oracle as the leader overall available SQL database management systems.

The research company further went on to find out the specific reasons for voting Oracle as the leader. It was found that it included:

  • The price
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Service
  • Support
  • Performance and lots more.

It was finally concluded that for all in-memory database, Oracle leads all in nearly all categories.

Now, a question that may come in your the mind is that why is it that the in-memory databases are now becoming so important given the fact that these have been in the market for quite a long time?

Well, the simple answer is that it is the outburst of data. This has, in turn, compelled the data stores to continue growing in number and become more diverse.

In addition to such a complex issue, the growing demand for superior performing analytics too is a factor.

Typically, the in-memory databases enable the decision-makers to have easy access to analytics real-time. This, in turn, helps the businesses to stay more agile. This provides the businesses with proper tools and makes them better equipped to adapt to the changes and compete with others in the market. In fact the leaders, Oracle, teach leadership to the businesses.

The DBIM solutions

When you consider the DBIM solutions of Oracle you will find that it provides the best results with its extreme performance for analytics. It is the in-memory database that helps it to accelerate the process, make it more precise and at the same time provide a better result which is also very cost-effective.

  • It is the more calculative and effective engineering design that supports both models, scale-up, and scale-out.
  • It is this design that also helps it to provide more than 100’s of terabytes of memory as well as 1000’s of CPU threads.
  • Lastly and most importantly, it is the architectural the foundation of it that is designed to be cloud-ready.

All this helps the in-memory database to be more accurate and is 100% compatible with the Oracle tools as well as any other third-party solutions. This enhances the strength of Oracle in the SQL database segment.

The security factor

One of the key differentiating factors of Oracle is its security. It certainly offers a clear and distinct advantage over the competition when it comes to the security of business data. This is because in Oracle databases the security is multilayered. In addition that it is also built into the Oracle database kernel directly.

The most unique factor of Oracle security is that it provides the same level of security solutions when it works with non-Oracle databases. It can work in the most complex and even the world’s largest customer environments.

The different security advantages that Oracle provides for SQL Database that others do not make it the best and most competitive tool for business leadership includes:

  • Database Activity Monitoring: Oracle does not depend on secondary software providers like most of the other SQL Database solutions to deliver DAM feature. It has its own OAVDF or Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall that helps it to monitor proactively all traffic to Oracle and non-Oracle database and identify unauthorized activity and block them
  • Secure Centralized Configuration: Much, unlike other databases, offer the much-limited capability to consolidate and centralize database services more effectively, Oracle with its unique features enables the business to consolidate results in database proliferation more efficiently to reduce its effects on cost, security as well as management efforts. With the help of the centralization, configuration management tools of Oracle along with its architectural flexibility you will be able to control your database sprawl. This will make it possible for you to enforce and implement more consistent security policies.
  • Privilege and Sensitive Data Discovery: If you use a few specific non-Oracle database management solutions you will not be provided with tools to locate all those sensitive data within your SQL databases. That means you will not be able to identify how the privileges are being capitalized and utilized. With the help of Oracle Enterprise Manager, you will be able to discover more sensitive and high-risk data. This will help you in policy-based monitoring so that you can find out much more about privilege usage and make precise reports on how these privileges are being used actually.

All this means that if you use Oracle just as most of the sites such as and others do you will be offered with a highly differentiated and a proven database. With such an offering you will be able to bring in more meaningful innovations in large numbers to your solutions making it more dynamic.

As is it highlighted in the survey by IT Brand Pulse, this in-memory database solution will help you to make more data-driven and customer-centric values. You will be focused more on your business goals making you more efficient and in turn the leader in reliability, support and service to your customers.

On the other hand, if you consider using the Data Management Cloud Services of Oracle that is now offered by it you will be better off as you will now be able to capture the data and use the power of Oracle database on-site. This will help you to leverage cloud services when you want to deploy these Oracle database solutions.

Need more reasons to switch to Oracle database systems?

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