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QuickBooks Hosting vs. QuickBooks Online

There is a high chance that you are reading this blog post because you don’€™t know which one to choose between QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks online. Let’€™s get this straight. Even though QuickBooks online continuously adds features that make it compatible with the desktop version, there are still numerous reasons to choose the desktop version that you are already familiar with.

Meanwhile, if you want access to your QuickBooks remotely, or share access to several users regardless of time and location, then QuickBooks hosting is a better option. Although there are advantages to both, the main issue comes down to what capabilities you need and your plans for the future.

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Let us discuss first the advantages of using QuickBooks online. This is ideal for small enterprises or people with hobbies that generate profit. This online option is easy to set up and work with. Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks software, has added numerous features that make the online version quite competitive over the desktop version.

Primarily, these added features provide capacity for several users to access the software. The online version comes with purchase order sending, inventory tracking, analytical tools and it is also integrated with Excel. To put it simply, QuickBooks Online could be great for small enterprises with the need for general bookkeeping and accounting. The option to go with the hosted version is ideal if the person or the enterprise requires added features because the most advanced version of the QuickBooks Online is still a bit behind compared to QuickBooks Pro version.

When you transfer the QuickBooks desktop to the cloud through the services of a hosting provider, you are basically providing yourself with the capacity to access the software through the World Wide Web. Because it is the desktop version, you will have similar functionality and interface that you have been using. You will also have the capacity to use added software that will be synchronized with your QuickBooks for payments, scanning, deposits, etc. Also included is the ability to integrate with widely used programs such as Outlook and ACT! These are the primary features that QuickBooks Online cannot provide.

Another great reason to choose QuickBooks hosting over the online version is data storage, data transferring, and data backup. In using a hosted version, the data and apps you have stored in data centers will be secured and will be backed up remotely. You will also have the capacity to save files and perform backup storage on your desktop. This is not only an added safety feature that could be attractive for some, but it also becomes crucial when you are reassessing your needs or you don’€™t want to work through cloud hosting, With the hosted version, you can easily copy files and save them to your personal computer. With this, you can choose to work remotely or you can transfer to accounting software. With the online version, you will not only backup and store the files remotely, but if you want to upgrade the local or hosted desktop, data transfer could be restricted.

In conclusion, there are distinct advantages in using both QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks online. Hence, it is crucial to consider your accounting preferences and needs before making any decision.

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Renuka Rana, Editor at AceCloudHosting spends considerable part of her time in writing about technology including cloud computing, Smartphones and QuickBooks Hosting. When not writing, she loves to dig deeper into knowing the best and the latest technology in industry.

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