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Progress of Handloom Industry in Andhra Pradesh by TDP Government

For the progress and welfare of the handloom workers in Andhra Pradesh, the TDP Government under the regime of Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu has introduced many welfare schemes for the development of the handloom industry in the state which has made great progress with the help of the TDP Government during 2001-2003.

The Top TDP Contributions in the Handloom Industry during this eight-year regime:

  • Development of Rs.4.00 cores in cooperation with Nifty for manufacturing of new designs and new types of garments is implemented.
  • The Handloom workers were undertaken under the “Deen Dayal Hathkargha Protsahan Scheme” for their welfare and Progress.
  • Supply of excise duty-free yarn to handloom workers worth Rs.20.00 cores during the year 2002-03.
  • Bazaars have been set up in 19 districts to enable the handloom workers of the districts to sell their products.
  • For the first time in the country, the TDP Government in Andhra Pradesh has reduced the unit rate from 174 paise to 0.87 paise. The state government has come up with a new scheme to modernize the pit looms.
  • In the year 2002-03, an investment of Rs.60.00 lakhs was made to provide Rs.20,000 per loom under this scheme.
  • 4,973 houses were sanctioned at a cost of Rs.600.10 lakhs, and 15,827 houses were sanctioned at a cost of Rs.2547.93 lakhs.
  • 30,000 pensions were sanctioned for the first time. Due to this Rs. 540.00 lakhs will be spent.
  • An amount of Rs.154.00 lakh rupees has been spent this year to eliminate occupational diseases like tuberculosis and asthma.
  • A group insurance scheme was implemented for the welfare of 60,000 handloom workers.

The TDP Government under the leadership of the former honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu implemented the Textile Policy formulated for the welfare of lakhs of handloom workers in the state. The technology systems were modernized, designs have been further developed, and job

opportunities improved in export parks and textile parks for increasing the Exports of handloom products from Andhra Pradesh. Visit the official website to get the TDP’s latest news updates for more statistics regarding the handloom Industry. Development of Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society (APCO):

APCO  moved on the path of development, climbing one step at a time every year Between 1990-94, APCO had an average annual sales of Rs.70 cores and up to 30 cores were sold under the Janata scheme with the discontinuance of the Janata scheme in 2000-01, sales of APCO dropped to Rs 20 cores. But after the reorganization of the organization, by the then chief minister of Andhra Pradesh N. Chandrababu Naidu, the sales increased up to Rs.75 without the Janata Scheme, And APCO became the first handloom co-operative to be reorganized in India.

In the year 2001-02, the sales of APCO were 52.40 cores, with the support of the TDP Government it reached a high of Rs. 78.44 cores by the year 2002-03. The expenditure of the organization was Rs.10.69 cores in 2001-02 and the year 2002-03, it was reduced to Rs. 8.24 cores. To achieve Rs.35 crore through sales in the year 2003-04 – Garment collection the organization aimed to achieve the target of Rs.41.52 crore. In 2001-02 APCO supplied thread worth Rs.9.00 crores, in the year 2002-03 Rs.19.84 crores was supplied. For more such news of TDP and its Achievements visit the official website.


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