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Professionals need to upgrade their skills now

People who keep up grading themselves with latest technology and latest skills are generally extremely successful in their careers.

As time progresses and with the advancement of technology, it is important for professionals to upgrade themselves and their skills. It is important for each and every person to keep evolving its skills and try to improve them. With the world progressing with ahead with new and new technology it is important for professionals to upgrade their technical skills.

Today’s professionals need to vastly expand their skills and knowledge to move up the corporate ladder and succeed in this fast paced and changing economy. It is wisely said that change is the key for survival. Working professionals need to set themselves apart from competition by matching their skills to employer’s need.

Along with the technical skills, professionals need to focus more on soft skills like communication and teamwork. Soft skills are applicable to a much wider range of high growth, high salary positions than any other specific technical skills.

Different type of skills professionals need to upgrade

  • We are increasingly an information led economy so learning how to critically engage, think, assimilate and present information is essential. These skills are generally reinforced in technical or professional education programs. People should look for online courses that teaches and emphasizes on skills such as problem solving, team work and constructive criticism would help all employees learn the necessary skills.
  • Technical skills are very important for a professional in this modern and technology based world. Often your employer will ask to submit reports, online budgets, work related to computer like presentations, spreadsheets, word processing, usage of software, etc. All these things require good technical skills and you should at least know basic things about computers.
  • You should also have information regarding different type of gadgets and machines and should learn how to use them. It will help you immensely in future. Learning to use these types of computer based skills will help learners to specifically exercise areas of critical thinking and presentation.
  • A professional needs to improve its oral and written communication skills. It should know how to communicate with people through online or in person. It is the most valuable capability for an employee to have. It is time for the job seekers to improve their power point, excel, Word and documenting skills. Especially they should learn how to use Microsoft Office as it is the only software package identified as being very important in all occupations.
  • Improve problem solving skills as employers want to hire people who can identify problems and come up with workable and creative solutions. One of the best trait an employee can have is self- motivation and independence. It is the ability of an employee to work without any constant supervision.
  • Networking is one of the most valuable skill for any professional, particularly at the beginning of its career. Build healthy and good relations with all the people around you like your boss, colleague’s and normal staff. The bigger your network, the bigger range of opportunities you will possess.
  • Time Management: being late, missing deadlines and rushing to get things done is the best way to decrease your credibility as a professional. The mark of a true professional is to manage your time well by planning ahead, avoiding overcommitting and only make promises you can fulfill. Use as much modern technology as you can to manage your every day’s schedule as it helps in proper time management. It is the most important skill for a professional to develop.
  • It is important to upgrade your skills to compete in a global economy. It brings you up to speed with the latest knowledge in your practice area from a global perspective. Upgrade in skills improves productivity and enhances performances. It introduces you to methods for effective teamwork and collaboration. You should be one step ahead of the technology as accredited certifications in technologies of tomorrow will boost the scope of your career in the professional market.

Training and skill up gradation offers immense benefits to professionals across job markets, industries and geographies. Employers always look for professionals which are willing to change their selves according to their companies. People who keep up grading themselves with latest technology and latest skills are generally extremely successful in their careers.

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Yvonne Sim is freelance private tutor since 2003. She completed her Masters from SIM University, Singapore. She writes daily and publishes articles to help people know about the trends of education and learning. She writes for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. She strives to positively influence the youth about how to make the most of education as well as co-carricular activities.

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