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What is a Proactive Cyber Defense System?

There is a certain truth to the fact that it is often impossible to eliminate cyber-attacks, for these attacks will always be there, considering the fact that cyber-attackers are well-funded and highly organized. Moreover, it is also a fact that the usual average period between the infection of a network and the detection of malware is generally around several months. Hence, before you know that your system is infected, the infection has already wrought so much damage to your network system, and the damage is already widespread. So if this is the case, is there any way you can assuage or lessen the period of the detection of the infection so that the infection can no longer do more damage to your network?

There are companies that provide rapid detection solutions to network managers. These network solutions usually provide two-pronged assistance to the network security managers. First, they provide real-time network security analysis to network managers to make them aware of what is happening within their networks. This is the aspect of security visibility that is very much important to network managers. On the other hand, these network solutions usually provide decoy assets that mirror the original organizational network. The decoy network usually advertises itself to draw possible cyber-attackers, and then it spreads mini-crumbs to trap malware and expose them in the process.

Cyber-attackers would usually mistake the decoy as the real network, and eventually expose themselves. This is what is commonly called “intelligent deception” and the deception network, set up by these solution providers can surely trap cyber-attackers by knowing the attackers’ behavior. These deception networks likewise can prevent attacks and the onset of attacks. These intelligent deception layers will also lessen the time between infection and detection. Moreover, these solution providers can help in detecting the communication between the cyber-hackers and the malware. These solution providers likewise provide traffic analysis in network security that can be very crucial in the prevention of cyber-attacks at their very onset.

How Can Your Network Benefit from Deception Network Solution?

Cyber-attackers are not naïve. As said earlier, they are well-funded and that they are not sleeping on their jobs as cyber-attackers. If they are well-funded, it would surely be quite difficult to prevent them from intruding into your network system, and it would be quite difficult to protect your network and your important information and data from their attacks. Hence, security network experts generally have figured out effective ways of protecting your company from any data breach and helping your company protect your core assets.

They have studied the general behavior of cyber-attackers and have come up with brilliant ideas on how to engage in proactive ways of preventing cyber-attacks. You can easily evaluate what they can offer you, and understand how their concept of deception and decoys can effectively contain cyber-attacks and malware intrusions at the onset. With the services of these experts, you can be very sure that your network is capable of warding off the most virulent cyber-attacks. The technology that they are offering are lightweight, quick, and easy to set up on your network. Lastly, around ten percent of enterprises are liking the idea of deception networks upon seeing how effective the concept of deception is in precluding even the most virulent and persistent cyber-attacks.


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