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Popular Social Media Marketing Management Tools

It’s no secret that social media marketing is helping offline and online business holders in a big way. With so many people integrating their website or even physical business on social networks, the challenge today is to distinguish your business from the rest. You may have to be smart and think out of the box in order to exceed or keep in par with the modern demands.

Here are some awesome social media tools that will help you excel in your social media marketing. These tools will not only enhance your social media marketing activities but also simplify it.


Buffer is one of the best tools to help you in your small scale business as it will save time and also enhance your social media strategy. The tool is helpful in scheduling your Twitter and Facebook activities. It lets you pre-program your updates and short posts. With the set time and bookmarklet installed, you can now add updates and tweets to the Buffer account with just two clicks. The tool can specially be a wonderful time saver for your social management strategy.


Crowdbooster is the best tool when it comes to managing social media activities on Twitter and Facebook. It does a lot of things to help you stream line your activities and save time. The application is capable of auto-posting in Twitter and Facebook, tracking new followers and fans and also gives information on how many times a content has been retweeted or shared.

The tool is also capable of identifying the most engaged fans so that you can individually interact with them. Posting-time reminder feature will suggest the most appropriate times to post your content based on the recent engagements. In other words, you can post at times when your audience or fans are more active. As a result, this timing will be 20% more effective than the untimely posting.

And that’s not all, the tool reminds you to respond to your follower’s message (in case you have not responded to him /her for a certain length of time).

Make use of Google alerts

One of the simplest and most effective tool that helps you monitor your online reputation is Google Alert. Every time Google detects a particular event of interest that you have subscribed to, it will email you as and when the events occur. This tool is free and works 24/7 for you.

All you have to do is set it and forget about it. Set up the email notification for any mention of your niche like business, brand names, products and services, names of people you want to follow or the ones that represent your business.

Google Reader

Google Reader is yet another simple but amazing tool. In order to be effective in your social media activities, you have to subscribe to relevant contents which you may share with your audience. This tool is quick and reliable.

The Google Reader can help you in thoroughly understanding topics from different sources prior to sharing prospective with small business followers. Being a widget within iGoogle interface, that can be set as homepage, Google Reader works perfectly. It enables at-a-glance update of the most recent feeds in the set of accumulated content.

The list of feeds can be further segregated into priority and general for easy understanding. If you still do not have time, star your article so that you can come back to them later.


Without an element of doubt, WordPress is one of the best tools for small businesses. You can use the tool to design dynamic and powerful websites to make them the hub for social media marketing. Blogs based on WordPress are simple to update and modify. You can incorporate and take advantage of its simple form and offerings. WordPress is also capable of taking care of 80-90% of your SEO activities.

Social Oomh

Surprised by the name? Indeed it is queer. The tool allows you to schedule tweet for all the posts that you publish on the Social Media Examiner. It is also capable of assigning multiple individuals to assist in managing Twitter accounts. A slick tool within the tool helps in filtering whom to follow on Twitter.

There are several other tools that can help you in improvising your activities in social media marketing and gaining better recognition for you. The key is to choose the one that works best for you. The above mentioned tools will do no harm to your reputation. They are indeed very good ones.

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