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PlayStation 4/”Orbis” Features Churn Up The Rumor Mill

In a few weeks’ time, Sony is staged to host a meeting that will supposedly grant us access to “see the future,” of their popular PlayStation product.


February 20th is the scheduled date for the event, and although no official notice has been released about the anticipated next-gen PlayStation, all signs point to the meeting being their launch pad. Conjecture has run rampant across the web about the rumored PlayStation 4, but Sony has been so hush-hush on the topic, that it’s not even clear if that will be the name. For the time being, the project has been dubbed “Orbis.”

Rumored Updates for PlayStation 4

  • Disc-less Play. Currently, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are all waist-deep in a demand shift. As consumers swing towards streaming entertainment, the idea of disc-less gameplay and entertainment becomes appealing. It’s worth mentioning that virtually every piece of “sourced” info about the new PlayStation is simply speculation at this time, but from what we’ve been able to determine, discs will still be included in the latest model update. The reason? High-speed internet speeds required to keep up with such a system is not an industry standard for all consumers yet, which would ultimately make the product inferior for at least a portion of the consumer base. It’s something we’d expect might change in the next few years, but for now, we’re pretty sure we’ll be stuck with discs.
  • New controller. Some forward-thinking tech analysts (read: nerds like us) have suggested there are a handful of changes that may be incorporated for the PS4/Orbis new controller. Among them: a new trackpad with touch capability, and a SHARE button that would allow for screenshot sharing to social media. Because really, what fun is a pwn is you can’t share it with the world?
  • Multiuser log-in. Another unconfirmed rumor has hinted that PS may expand its login capability to included multi-user sign-in platform that would allow gameplay and access through multiple accounts using a single console.
  • New chips. According to at least one article in the Wall Street Journal, Sony may be breaking up with its longtime graphic chip supplier for PlayStation, Nvidia, and replacing it with a new AMD chip model. The new chip is purportedly a giant leap up from its current standards, but the Jaguar CPU (also supposedly in the works from AMD) has been slated as more efficient and quieter, but less than impressive when it comes to speed.

Re-Cap: What Do We Know About the PS4 Rumors?

To be completely transparent here, we don’t know a whole lot. We have some exciting features that we’d love to see, but at this point, there is no confirmation in any direction. One thing is for certain: by February 20, we’ll have a much better picture.

Have you heard any other rumored features you’d like to see incorporated? If and when they turn into reality, you online shopping auction sites like HappyBidDay will certainly be in the game. In the meantime, we’ll await the official announcement and keep our fingers crossed for a 2013 release.

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  1. Peter Szabo

    February 19, 2013 at 10:39 am

    The new controllers seems to be really ergonomic, I have had a couple of problems with the older design (it’s okay, I’ve played 6 hrs a day:)) but this curved concept looks more comfortable. I wish I could give it a try soon! I hope that the new chips will bring amazing graphics as well..

  2. Sammy

    June 17, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    The chip has now been confirmed as AMD ‘Jaguar’ 8 cores, with 8GB of GDDR5 memory and 500GB hard drive as standard!

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