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Play FIFA Video Game on Facebook

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PlayFish has launched the latest FIFA video game, in the popular football game series, on Facebook rather than on games consoles. FIFA Superstars, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Edition, can now be played online for free. Rather than selling the games in shops and stores, the publishers want to take advantage of the over 250 million users of social media around the world.

Players can buy packs of footballers’ at a cost of between one and three dollars (£1 – £2) per pack to create a team and play against other teams belonging to their Facebook friends. Points gained during game play can then be accumulated to buy more team members as the tournament progresses.

Users will be able to manage virtual team (just like in Football Manager) made up of real life players around the globe and can take part in tournaments within and outside their ‘friends’ network. Thus, Facebook users can own and manage a ‘professional clubs’ made up of international superstars and challenge other managers or ‘friends’ in their network. Users will also be able to manage transfer strategies, upgrade stadium infrastructure, change team formations and determine the training regime their team members will follow. The best teams will be promoted to the top of the Superstars League.

screenshot of fifa 2010 on facebook

Screenshot of FIFA Superstars on Facebook

This is however not the end of the console version of the FIFA video game as a release date will be announced later for fans of the console game.

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It appears that Facebook is getting more influential not only on the Internet but in the way businesses operate. Do you see other major console game makers following suit?

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