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Pinterest Tips – Drive Traffic to Your Website

Following the launch of Pinterest in 2010, this social sharing website has grown exponentially in users, year on year since. With hundreds of millions of active users from around the world, it is clear that many people are aware of it and are actively using the website, by viewing and sharing content on its boards. What it essentially is, is a kind of online scrapbook where people can visually organize content that they find interesting or useful to them in various categorized boards.

The website allows people to share content that they find beautiful or inspirational from a variety of websites and blogs, including their own. The image can then be linked back to its original source. This is a powerful tool that bloggers can use to create backlinks to posts that they would like to highlight to a broad audience. Here, we look at some tips you can follow to successfully leverage Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Place your Boards in Categories and Include Detailed Descriptions

Each board on Pinterest has a description field that fits up to 500 characters. You should take full advantage of this feature by describing your boards using top, relevant keywords. This will allow your boards to be displayed each time users search within Pinterest and on search engines. Ensure the descriptions are complete and specific, and add these boards to categories.

  1. Pin Your Posts to Group Boards

One method you can use to quickly boost your blog traffic is to pin posts onto group boards on Pinterest. Often, you will find instructions in the group description on how to get invited to the particular group. You can find group boards that you can participate in through a directory like Board Deck, or by searching on Google. After you are invited, ensure that you understand the rules and guidelines that are in place for pinning posts to the board.

  1. Engage with the Pinterest Community

Because Pinterest is all about creating engagement with other users while you share great content, ensure you participate actively. Comment, like and re-pin content from other users to build a network of followers who will also get to view the content you pin from your blog. Tagging other Pinterest users when you write comments and pin descriptions is also a great idea.

  1. Make Your Pins Easier to Find

Whenever you pin images from your blog posts, make sure that you write clear and keyword rich descriptions and include the URL of your blog. In this way, more people will be able to find you within your search results.

  1. Keep Your Boards Organized

Pinterest is a medium that relies almost completely on visual appeal for success. Therefore, you should take the time to spruce up your profile page and organize your boards. It is recommended that you keep your most important boards at the top, making them easier for other users to find, since most people on Pinterest are likely to focus on the first two rows in your board listing. This valuable real estate should always be kept fresh, and your boards must have appealing cover images.

  1. Keep Board Covers Up to Date

It cannot be repeated enough – Pinterest is about the visuals and how appealing they are. Ensure that your board covers have bright, eye-catching, color coordinated images which will be sure to get people’s attention and give your profile a professional look.

  1. Name Your Boards Clearly

Although it might seem like good fun to give your boards fancy, exotic names, the reality is that doing so will ensure nobody finds them! This may be fine if you use Pinterest for close family and friends only, but if the idea is to send more traffic to your website or blog, it is best to be clear and to use names that are highly specific. Instead of naming your board ‘Food,’ it would be better to say ‘Mediterranean Cheese Recipes’ or ‘Indian Rice Dishes.’ Think about what people interested in what you have to say might search for when choosing a name for your board. Google Analytics is also a great source of ideas as well.

  1. Add ‘Pinnable’ Images to All Your Blog Posts

Every post on your blog should have at least one image which can be pinned. Ideally, taller images are better than wider ones as the latter tend to look small when pinned and many users will tend to ignore them. Ideally, you should go for an image size that is 736 pixels wide and at least 1128 pixels tall for the best results.

  1. Pin Your Blog Posts at Optimal Times and Observe Consistency

If you want to extend the reach of your pins to as many users as you can, you should try to pin your posts at different times on different applicable boards. While it is vital that you are consistent in pinning, so that your followers always have fresh content, be careful to not go overboard with dozens of pins at once. This will overload other users’ feeds and they will likely unfollow you.

  1. Ensure That the Images You Pin from Your Blog Are Named Descriptively and Have ‘alt’ Text

This is an important point to note, because Pinterest generally obtains the ‘alt’ text to use on an image from the pin description. However, if no alt text is specified, then the image’s file name will be used instead. Because it may be easy to forget to add the ‘alt’ text, give the image a descriptive name, or you may have something along the lines of “IMG_097.jpg” instead, which is ineffective.


A quick search online will reveal many more tips on how to achieve success with your blog by using Pinterest. All you need to do is organize your boards, write descriptions with appropriate keywords, complete your profile and provide great content that users will love and will want to share!

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  1. tuncay öztaş

    June 9, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Sourav Saha

    June 16, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Nice set of tips. Pinterest is a nice platform, I knew it but it can bring a large traffic in a blog, that’s really amazing.
    Thanks for the amazing post.

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