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Photography: Keeping Up With Your Craft

Many people have hobbies, and occasionally their hobbies turn into life-altering careers. Take photography for example. There are many photographers out there, but what makes a photographer successful? What type of photography should one undertake? There is a niche market for travel photography, but it is expensive: the equipment and the travel. Then, where does one publish his or her photos and stories?

According to Lightstalking, there are several things a photographer can do to cut costs. Buy equipment used, and you could save 50-70%. Using the equipment that you realistically need will save cash as well. Photographers can also rent equipment before buying.  If a particular piece of equipment is used infrequently, it makes sense to rent it rather than buy it. Some lenses, for instance, can cost over $1500, while renting the same piece is around $250. Purchase the highest quality lenses and extras you can afford, as well as a camera bag. The lenses will endure through the years. Also, educate yourself about your camera and your accessories, making the most of a hobby or budding career.


One of the technical aspects of photography, of which there are too many to name here, is shutter lag. Shutter lag is the time it takes for the camera to take a shot after it has focused. Some cameras are worse at this; the author of digital-photography-school finds that the camera on his cell phone is particularly bad. Another technical issue with digital cameras is focal lock, which refers to the digital face recognition most digital camera have. Sometimes this facial recognition gets confused and locks on to the wrong thing in the picture. Focus on the picture, usually the faces of some people. To combat focal lock, depress the shutter halfway. This will tell the camera to focus. Then, move the lens into position and take your shot. Beginners will need some time getting used to this but experienced photographers will have no issue with this technique. In fact, one of the cornerstones of becoming a great photographer is being educated in one’s craft. So take classes, and take them often!

There are many reasons to enter into the world of photography as a hobby; 12most provides 12 motives. Taking pictures has become so simple. The photographer can capture so much in just one photograph, even with the camera on their phone. It gives the photographer a reason to travel, to get the perfect shot. It allows the photographer to get creative and closer to the world around him or her. Good photographs can provide extra money. Photography provides enjoyment. Adding photos to your social media network posts can increase the number of connections you have. It is a chance to spend money on exciting technology, especially if he or she loves photography. The photographer has time to his or herself, which can be lacking in our busy world. Photography is private and allows for time to think and be creative.

Businesses exist to help the hobbyist become more professional. One such business is Great Escape Publishing. Director Lori Allen, publishes almost thirty at-home study guides, including programs that cover topics like travel writing and turning a profit with photography. Allen also edits a publication, which contains articles that assist writers and photographers with their skill, with selling their work, and earning an income while travelling. She has helped over 3,000 emerging photographers and travel writers over the past decade to improve their craft and market themselves to the media.

Overall, photography is touted to be a fulfilling, creative, if not slightly pricey hobby. However, a photographer can make money and turn it into a career if his or her skills are honed, he or she buys appropriate technology, and becomes educated in all of the ways to use that technology.



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I am woman who has returned to college and has started a writing career because I love to write.



  1. Rohit

    June 27, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    you remind me of the TV show “friends” rachel,
    thanks for the article but photography seems to be a very expensive hobby..

    • Samantha Vermillion

      June 29, 2013 at 4:06 am

      That was exactly what i just thought after seeing her name, exact same last name. Anyway, Photography is expensive i agree with you, a good DSLR with lens costs over 2000$

  2. Matt

    June 30, 2013 at 11:55 am

    I agree it\’s not easy to keep up with, but skills are what people should focus on. It\’s free if you are committed enough!

  3. Veer

    July 5, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Hi,Rachel sir

    i search for google how to success for photography and i see your site and i read your post thanks for shearing this, i agree with you, a good dslr with lens costs over 2000$ pls send me more information in my email


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