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PCO Driving Tips That Are Underrated

Are you new to driving as a PCO driver in London? Read on to learn more about PCO driving tips for driving better and maintaining your PCO car for hire.

If you’re a PCO driver in London, you must know how busy it can get on the road as the weekend and holiday season draw near. So, if you’ve ventured to this article for some driving tips to help make your life a little easier, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve interviewed many PCO drivers who gave us useful tips while driving their cars on the streets of London.

Here are some of our favorites:

Tip 1: Maintain Your Car Interior

Your car should make an impression on the passenger. Can you imagine a passenger opening the door of your PCO car and being bombarded with an unpleasant odor, dirty seats, and dusty carpets? It can put off your passengers and affect your rating as a PCO driver. So, ensure to clean your car regularly.

Before your shift, wipe the exterior of your car and vacuum the undercarriage. You can also include deep cleaning in your monthly or weekly car maintenance and check-up appointments.

Tip 2: Practice Good Driving Habits

Treat your PCO car with respect. Don’t try to push the car from 0 to 60 in three seconds when you’re setting out to go somewhere. Start slow and steady, and let the engine run before you speed up. It’ll decrease your fuel consumption and harsh braking habits and positively affect your mileage in the long run.

Tip 3: Listen to Your PCO Car

The PCO car is an essential part of your job. If it keeps moving, you’ll be able to do your duty for the day. So, try to understand its signals. Keep an ear out for certain noises. If your car makes a noise when you press the brake, get the brake plates checked out. If your car produces a screeching sound as soon as it starts, take it to the mechanic to check the fan belt.

Is your steering wheel slightly tilted to the left even when the car is straight? There might be something wrong with your alignment. So, if anything feels wrong, check your car before you encounter a problem during your trips.

Tip 4: Keep your tires in Good condition

You need to ensure that your tires are in good shape. This is a straightforward practice that you can include in your morning check before you start your shift. The circumference of your tire should be 1.6 mm. Otherwise, you’d be risking a hefty fine on the road. You can check your tire tread by using a 20-cent coin.

The outer rim of the 20-cent coin measures 1.6 mm. So, place the coin on the outer rim. If you can see the coin, you’ll need new tires. Also, this is a good time to replace your tires with winter tires. The road can get slippery in the morning, and at the peak of winter, you can also experience slippery ice on the road. As a result, having tires with good grip can improve vehicle and road safety.

Tip 5: Keep Track of Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule

If you have a PCO car for hire from a reputable PCO car rental in London, your maintenance will be covered by the rental company. So, you’ll need to stay up to date on your MOT every 3-6 months and have your car serviced every ten thousand miles. You can always call for early maintenance if your car requires it.

Tip 6: Go Through The Manufacture Manual

Many people don’t know this, but your PCO car comes with an official manual and maintenance recommendations. The manufacturer can’t make you follow them, but per experienced PCO drivers, you should do your due diligence to maintain the vehicle.

The manual explains how to change your oil and check that all of your car fluids are at the proper levels.

In London, you can rent an Electric PCO vehicle

Now that you know some tips you can adopt while you drive in London as a PCO driver, you can drive safely and effectively. So, if you’re looking for PCO cars for hire with insurance, G&M Direct Hire can help you.

They’re a reputable PCO car rental in London, offering hybrid and electric PCO cars for rent, like the Kia E-Niro 2, Nissan Leaf, Mustang Mach E, etc. Visit their website for more information on their fleet. You can also get in touch with them to book your new PCO car.


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