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PCO Cars That Make Most Sense

The Kia e-Niro, Nissan Leaf, and Prius Plus/Prius Plug-in rank as the best cars for PCO, thanks to great mileage, a host of excellent features, and more.

As a PCO car driver, you should rent a car instead of buying one. Even if you have the capital to get a car, you can make a better decision by opting for a short-term PCO car hire in London to get a better idea about the viability of your choice. Most options will be EVs, as they offer the best value. If you’re looking to create a shortlist of options or want recommendations about the most sought-after options on the market, these are the ones worth taking a look at:

Kia e-Niro

The Kia e-Niro is one of the best PCO car hire options. The car does a lot of the fundamentals right, which has made it a go-to option among PCO drivers. It has 382 liters of space, ample for five passengers.

Its 64kWh battery gives it 282 out of a full charge. This allows you to use it for nearly two days on a single charge making it an excellent option. The Euro NCAP has given the car a five-star rating in its tests, thanks to various installations that make it fairly reliable on the road. It’s an easy recommendation for a rental PCO car option.

Volkswagen ID 3

Imagine a Golf but in an EV design, and you get the ID 3. The car is a five-seat hatchback with about 385litres of boot capacity, making it fairly spacious for passengers. The ID 3’s 58kWh battery gives 280 miles of use, which means you can drive it around for 1.5 to 2 days, considering the average PCO driver’s use case. The car has received five stars in safety ratings, making it a great option overall.

Because it’s an EV, the car accelerates fairly quickly, and its 0 to 60 mph numbers are downright impressive for its form factor. It justifies its higher price tag and offers great value for money.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is sought-after by PCO for its relatively affordable rental rates. The 62kWh battery variant is the best option among its many trims, giving you 226 miles on a full charge.

If you’ve got passengers with luggage or anyone that needs extra space, the car will be fairly accommodating with its spaciousness. The Leaf has numerous features, like emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control for additional safety. For those looking for a North London PCO car hire that’s easy on the pocket, the 62-kWh variant will suit you nicely.

Toyota Prius Plus

The Prius Plus is harder to find, but it’s a 7-seater MPV that’s great for when you’ve got a group of passengers to attend to. Its mileage isn’t the most impressive, but because it’s got electric charging, you can rely on it to not break the bank.

Most of the features for safety and reliability that are a staple of the Prius line-up are available in the Prius Plus. A Toyota Prius Plus PCO car hire is a great pick for those wanting to drive in XL or SUV tiers for ride-sharing apps. Its rental rate makes it a compelling option as a PCO car hires in Barking.

Toyota Prius Plug-in

Toyota has more offerings in the list of PCO cars for hire in London with the Toyota Prius Plug-in. If you’re more comfortable with hybrids than EVs, this Prius Plug-in might be a comfortable pick. The 5-person capacity of the Plug-in is sufficient for most drivers. You can get 25 miles of range on electricity out of the car with the fuel kicking in when you drive at higher speeds.

The Prius Plug-in is comfortable to drive without feeling many bumps on the road. It has all the necessary futuristic car inclusions you’d expect from it. It’s an easy recommendation for PCO car hire in Leyton.

MG 5

If you’re looking for an estate car as a PCO driver, the MG 5 will be a great choice. The car is solid for 214 miles on a single charge out of its 52.5kWh battery.

Being an estate car, it’s no surprise that it’s spacious and has lots of comfortable space for passengers. Even taller passengers will feel cozy in the MG 5. It’s quick for its size, with a quick 0-60 mph, helping you get around town quickly. MG has installed a fairly commendable interior and infotainment system in the MG 5, making it an overall solid offering in this category.

Toyota Prius

The original Prius line-up continues to be a great option. Despite its age, it has all the features you want from a hybrid car. It’s a great option as a PCO car hires in Drayton, thanks to its relatively affordable rates. Many of the variants available at PCO rentals are fairly reliable even today, and it’s a great entry point for many people into the EV experience.

The regular Prius offers 58 mpg, which is great even in 2022. The front-engine, front-wheel drive is comfortable and great for long roads without too many bumps, thanks to a good suspension. It has all the internals you’d want for comfort, entertainment, and more.

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