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Overview of The Pap Smear Test Procedure

If you are wondering what a pap smear near me test is, you are at the right place. Keep reading this article to learn about pap smear tests.

If you are wondering what a pap smear near me test is, you are at the right place. Pap smears are critical rules that help in saving lives from cervical cancer. The doctor will detect if you have any irregular cells in your cervix. The tests will help in catching them earlier before they become cancerous. A pap smear test will help detect precancerous or cancerous cells in your cervix before they become cancerous. The gynecologist will help to detect these cells.

The doctors also test for human papillomavirus during the pap smears. This enables them to find the cell that tends to be cancerous or might increase the chances of getting cervical cancer. The outcome from a pap smear near me can always be normal or abnormal. If they come out unclear or irregular, this will mean that there is the presence of an infection, cancer, or any other underlying ailment. Continue reading the following article to help you understand more about the pap smear procedure.

The Main Aim of Performing a Pap Smear Test

The main motive of performing pap smears is to detect the precancerous or cancerous cells that might result in cervical cancer. Mainly, these tests are conducted alongside other pelvic exam tests. If you are 30, pap smear tests will be run alongside human papillomavirus. HPV virus is a sexually transmitted infection that, if not detected earlier, might cause cervical cancer.

Primarily, doctors will help choose the right time to perform these screenings and their regularity. But most doctors will advise you to go for pap smear tests once you reach 21 years. At this age, your reproductive system will have fully developed, and from there, you should have it after every two to three years. And when you clock 30 years, the time frame increases and is done now after every three to five years alongside pap smears.

Usually, if you have a high chance of getting cervical cancer, your doctor will encourage you to get these tests often. Several factors generally increase your chances of getting cervical cancer, including the following.


If you are discovered to have HIV positive, several changes happen in your body. Some of these changes tend to affect how your body functions; the formation of your uterine and cervix walls. Because of the weak immune system caused by HIV, you might become subject to countless subsequent infections in your reproductive system. Other than detecting cancerous or precancerous cells, these tests also help ensure that your cervix and vagina are healthy as you continue with your medications.

Cancer Remission

Suppose the tests were conducted and the doctor discovered cancerous cervical cells in the system, which can cause total cancer later. In that case, the doctor will offer you treatment and ensure these cancerous cells do not grow again. The doctor will check to determine if you are recovering well. If you are a recovering patient, you will need to go for regular checkups than usual. The pap smear tests will reduce significantly if you are progressing well.

Weakened Immune System

A weak immune system results from pre-existing health conditions like HIV or intense chemotherapy. Sometimes a weak immune system results from genes from family generations. If you are in this situation, you should seek a pap smear near me and get tested regularly. This will aid in ensuring that abnormal cells are not occupying the cervical site to cause complications. Also, having peace of mind regarding your health is critical.

Understanding what is happening in your reproductive system is vital since you will be able to prevent some health issues. It is also good to have peace of mind since it reduces the anxiety of inaccurate details. By taking a pap smear test, you can reassure yourself that you are well in terms of your health.

Pap Smear Test Procedure

Before a pap smear procedure, your doctor will tell you what the treatment is, and they will perform it. some of the precautions you need to consider are;

  • Not using any vaginal medications
  • Avoid having sexual intercourse
  • Avoid tampons 24 hours before a pap smear near me
  • Not to douche
  • If you have your menstrual period, reschedule your pap Smear sessions to help you get accurate results.

You will be required to undress your lower body or wear a hospital gown during the tests. You will need to lie on your back and bend your knees on the examination table. Your knees will rest on stirrups for support. The pap smear tests will start by holding the vaginal walls apart using a speculum. When the tool is inserted into your vagina, you will feel some pressure exertion in the pelvic or vagina. The sample from your vagina will be collected using a spatula or a tiny soft brush.

After the tests, the collected samples will be returned to the right doctor for interpretation. Your doctor will then explain to you the meaning of these tests. If they come out harmful or every day, this will mean that you do not have cancer cells in your cervix.

You will not need any other tests until your following scheduled tests.

But if these tests come back positive or abnormal, the doctor will then analyze these cells. They will then educate you on some of these tests.

Final Thought

Getting a pap smear test near me is critical for all women. The tests let you know your reproductive system since this will impact your whole reproductive health. The main benefit of undertaking a pap smear test at your nearby urgent care clinic is that it lets you know whether or not you have any abnormal cells in your cervix. After detection, the doctor can treat them before they advance further. At Arleta urgent care, these tests are usually affordable, and the services are convenient. You are eligible for these tests once you reach 21 years because your reproductive system is fully developed.

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