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Why Your Old Cell Phone Tracker May Ditch You

Choosing a smartphone tracking app requires acumen, effort and trialling. Luckily you don’t have to do any of it because there is an app in the market that can track your cell phone whenever you may be required to do so, effectively.


This inconspicuous app XNSPY silently works in your smartphone, so others cannot deactivate/delete it. Once inside the phone, it won’t even show up in the installed apps list.

One App, Many Uses

XNSPY can work as a tracker for any Android or iOS device. It’s powerful and accurate, giving you a precise address of the target user’s location. Using XNSPY, you can track:

  1. Your lost phone.
  2. Your employees’ location
  3. Your kid’s location.

The app is designed to meet the monitoring requirements of parents and employers. Other than real-time tracking, it gives location history logs and an option to geo-fence target user’s location, so they only visit authorized areas.

XNSPY—How To Use It

After purchasing XNSPY’s subscription from their website, you will be able to download a copy of the app. Install the app onto the target device and start monitoring within minutes. You can access everything that is backed up on XNSPY’s cloud server. An online control will help you manage your XNSPY account. There you can toggle on/off features or access them.

Primarily, XNSPY is a monitoring app. Have a look at some of its other features.

Phone Logs Tracker

Why did we use to carry a phone a decade ago? For calls and SMS. That’s the basic purpose of any mobile phone. Therefore, XNSPY lets you track the very basic on the target smartphone. You can also view contacts, emails, internet browsing history and calendar entries.

IM tracker

Instant messaging has emerged as a result of smartphones culture. XNSPY will monitor your kids and employees text conversations, photos, videos and audio on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, iMessage and Line.

Remote Control

A great feature indeed to protect data on your lost device. You can lock your smartphone or wipe data over it, whatever suits you in the prevalent situation. This feature is also great for controlling kids’ cell phone usage

You can get XNSPY for as low as $8.33/month at the time of publishing this article. So ditch your crappy, obsolete cell phone tracker before it ditches you.

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