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Observation: The Key to Writing Your First Blog Post

observationThere are many potential bloggers out there who wonder if they would ever publish an article. Perhaps you are one of those who falls into the category of not knowing what to write. Hopefully, you would have a better idea of knowing what to do after reading this post. Blogging could be described as a ‘simple’ form of expression; a process of articulating one’s thoughts and ideas in written form (on the Internet).  While putting words down on a piece of paper or computer is fun for some people, for others it could be easily termed a nightmare. So, then, how do you know what to write?

The answer is not far from where you are right now. Observation. The easiest way to know what to write is by paying more attention to your surroundings and environment. A brief walk in the park, for example, could attract your attention to something interesting and thought-provoking.

It is quite astonishing, however, that many people have to drive through a particular street three or four times to notice that the road signs have been changed.  While our attitude in regards to what is happening around us is important, observation should not be limited to our immediate environment alone. Paying attention to news and current events could also be useful (D’oh!).

Finally, it is imperative that you put aside every previous notion which suggests that “if it ain’t long, it ain’t good enough”. Blog posts do not have to be long. Actually, the shorter the length, the more likely it is that someone would be interested in reading it. A simple expression of your thoughts and opinion in a consistent and straight-to-the-point manner would not only make it easier for others to read your post, but also make editing your content a lot easier.

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