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New Branding Technology: USB Flash Drives Aren’t Just For Storage Anymore

Reaching customers, employees, or vendors in unique and innovative ways can be tricky for any company, but with changes in technology comes changes in the possibilities for branding and promotion.

usb flash

The USB flash drive is a device intended for data storage that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. USB flash drives originally replaced floppy disks for use in the storage, transfer, and backing-up files, but recently, companies have been using flash drives as an ongoing medium for promotional and educational materials, as well as document management. Customized USB flash devices are the most innovative promotional and marketing tools that organizations and companies can use to promote business, featuring a customized logo and matching interface imprinted onto the device. What makes these USB flash drives ideal for promotion is that they are small, reusable, and totally customizable, using data preload services.


SkyDrive is the newest imprinting software taking the versatility of USB flash drives to the next level. StickyDrive can be installed in portable media devices such as flash drives, and what makes this software innovative and unique is the ability companies have to manage files without having the device in their possession. This software is ideal for retailers or other businesses who offer promotional products as it is totally customizable and designed with the company and their aims in mind. If used for marketing or education, this is also an ideal option as files are automatically updated when the user plugs the flash drive into any computer. Document management with StickyDrive technology allows for easier document management as it automatically connects to the server when the USB is plugged in and then determines if the files that are already stored on the device are the most current. If not, these are automatically updated. Two of the top producers of customizable USB flash drives providing data preload services are iPromo and Memory Suppliers. Both providers offer similar services but each have unique options that can work for any company looking to spice up their branding and promoting efforts.


iPromo allows companies to choose the right USB and imprint method for displaying their brand. If security is a concern, iPromo offers data preload with password protected content, so the company is the only one able to manage and access files. StickyDrive software is available, in addition to other data preload options that include standard data preload or standard auto-run, both available with erasable or non-erasable content options. Files can be everything from images to video files. iPromo also offers custom naming of the device and serial drive ID for increased security and control.  Another unique feature is their library of free portable apps that can be loaded onto USBs from any device.

Memory Suppliers

Memory Suppliers have been creating customized flash drives since 1999. With this provider, companies can also choose how they want to preload files, either erasable content or non-erasable content that can only be read and opened but not erased by users. Either option can leave space on the flash drive for the user to store other files in addition to those preloaded onto the device. Memory Suppliers does not use StickyDrive software but they do offer their own unique software package that includes a number of popular apps and methods for data preload that include PC security lock, secure user partition/private data area, password protection, and a unique serial drive ID. PC security lock offers protection from unauthorized access so that computers can only be accessed when the USB drive is plugged in with password entered, the secure user partition is a unique option that divides the drive into two sections, one public and one private and password protected, and the unique serial drive ID is a pre-configured serial number that is totally unique and preloaded to each drive for increased security.

As more companies are finding security and document management too troublesome for promoting or doing business, they are turning to options like preloaded, customizable USB flash drives to represent their company and maintain quality communication between employees, vendors, and customers.

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