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Netflix Most-Watched TV Shows Worldwide in 2018

What are Netflix most-watched TV shows worldwide in 2018?

Want to watch the best shows on Netflix for 2018? You might be surprised to find that you can’t access worldwide hits because of your location. That’s because Netflix uses geo-blocking to limit what people can watch according to where they live as a way of increasing profit.

Most of us have seen “Sorry, this content is not available in the US” when we’ve tried to watch certain shows. Netflix uses your IP address to detect your location and then uses the information to limit what you can view. However, with a VPN or Virtual Network Provider, you can stream content from almost anywhere. Why not check out the best VPN for Netflix and start looking at 2018’s most watched Netflix shows worldwide?

The number one most popular Netflix show in 2018

So far, the most-watched Netflix show in the US for 2018 is Stranger Things. The fantasy-style story of a boy’s disappearance from a small American town in the 1980s was enjoyed by viewers on the east and west coasts and everywhere in between. Stranger Things was also the number one most-watched show in the UK. However, the show that had the most viewers worldwide was dystopian thriller series 3%. Although Netflix might block you from seeing this great show from Brazil, you can simply install VPN to make things a little fairer.

Take a look at the second most-watched shows

While US audiences were watching [b]America’s Got Talent[/b] which was streamed on Tuesdays throughout the summer after it went out on NBC, Southeast Asia was tuning into [b]My Love from the Stars[/b]. Although it’s made in South Korea, the fun series is one of the most searched for on Netflix. Can’t get it in your area? With a VPN, you can access leading dramas from any location.

More great shows to choose from

At number three, The Walking Dead continues to thrill audiences in the US and UK in 2018. But, did you know that you can access a far greater selection of shows with VPN almost instantly? Because your virtual IP address is able to conveniently switch locations, it’s easy to stream worldwide hits like 13 Reasons Why. This addictive show from South Korea is the third most-watched worldwide. Strangely, in South Korea, The Walking Dead is also number one.

What’s the fourth most-watched Netflix show?

That would be Breaking Bad if you’re watching Netflix in America. It’s the first choice of Netflix users in countries as diverse as Georgia, Kuwait and Cyprus too, where they just can’t get enough of Rick and co. Meanwhile, Bones is the fourth most viewed series worldwide as well as the most-watched in Eastern Europe. Although not generally available in countries like Latvia, smart viewers can watch Bones, or any of these addictive shows, with a VPN.

Different trends for north and south

Who would have thought that viewers in Russia and Australia had so much in common? In each of these countries, Shameless is the most-watched show. Again, that’s thanks to VPNs being used in areas where it’s not available to Netflix subscribers. How do we know this? By keeping an eye on Google trends, we’re able to see what’s available and what people are actually watching.

Five in the US is…..

Orange is the New Black is a perennially popular series about life in a women’s prison. In the US, it’s the fifth most-watched series from Netflix for 2018. Why not try streaming Boys Over Flowers for a change of pace? The Korean-made drama is the world’s fifth most-watched Netflix title during 2018 and, by choosing the best VPN, you can watch it wherever you happen to be.

More hit shows – in the US and elsewhere

It’s no surprise that House of Cards has been among the most-watched in the US over the course of 2018. However, if you’re looking for exciting dramas, you might try Sense 8. It is seventh most-streamed in the world according to Netflix and it’s gaining new viewers every day. The series uncovers the weird connections between strangers in various locations like London, Mexico City, Seoul, Reykjavik, Mumbai and Berlin. Wonder if they also use VPN to stream the best television shows?

Other popular Netflix shows for 2018

With so many great shows to choose from, viewers in hundreds of locations are spoilt for choice. In Canada, Disjointed is top of the bill. The show is centred on a woman who runs a marijuana dispensary – quite appropriate since Canada is one of just two countries where marijuana is legal. The other is, of course, The Netherlands, but viewers there prefer to use Netflix to access A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Finally, you can access these excellent overseas and closer to home favorites with decent VPNs.

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