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Neptune Pine: Is This Smartwatch Worth All The Excitement?


Even though existing smartwatches look and feel futuristic, the way they work is rather impractical for a smart device. All previous wearable devices needed to be connected to another device like a smartphone. The Neptune Pine is said to have solved huge issues with previous wearable tech products which is exactly why it has gained some ground in the industry. But with that said, is it really worth all the excitement?

What you need to know about its specifications

This standalone smartwatch packs a lot of power that can level that of modern smartphones. The Neptune Pine houses hardware capability comparable to an HTC One which should be fast enough to provide a smooth experience. In such as small form factor, the engineers managed to put in a dual core processor and a 512MB ram which is already a lot to operate common functions. It rocks a 2.4-inch multi-touchscreen , a rear-facing camera with mediocre image capturing ability plus a VGA front-facing camera both with LED flash. This little device also has 16GB or 32GB storage options which seems to be an overkill.

What can it do?

The Neptune Pine is a standalone smartwatch that has most of the functions you need from a smartphone.You can use it to browse the web and stream videos which is pretty niche. Its ability to run Android apps with ease on its small screen is rather surprising. The device also has GPS, pedometer, compass and a real-time heart rate monitor that makes it a complete fitness counter. All these are just icing to the cake though. As an added bonus, this little device also lets users to make and receive calls as well as SMS so long as you put in a supported SIM card.

Is it worth all the excitement?

I am really amazed to how complete the Neptune Pine is. I can text, call and even make video calls. The bracelet feels rugged and perfectly secures the device. I also found it very practical. I have problems typing on it though. I have big fingers so I often register 2 to 3 characters a tap which is kind of annoying. It is half the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear at the moment so I think it is by far the most reasonably priced smartwatch on the market. This is definitely one of the most interesting device I got my hands on this month and I find it very useful.

For me, this device has everything I need from my smartphone. It is not the smallest and most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn. But its functionality is simply revolutionary. Although it is not the smoothest among the existing smartwatches, it more than makes up with the features in bringing to the table.

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Computer programmer by profession, Josh Kemmer likes to write about content relevant to computer software, hardware and related peripherals.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rohit

    January 2, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    this is the only SmartWatch which seems to me like a “regular watch”.., having smart functionality, this glimpse was absent in galaxy gear..! Nice Watch by the Way..!

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