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Neobux Review

neobuxAn average Internet user looking to make money online would be amazed at the number of Pay Per Click (PPC) websites available on the Web. The fact that they are so many of these websites could also be a source of confusion and perhaps discouragement. However, there is one PPC site that everyone seems to talk about in the blogosphere and that website is NeoBux.

NeoBux offers free registration and membership to users. Its members are paid to click on advertisers’ adverts and view each one for a 30 second period in order to be credited with a pre-determined amount. This amount is determined by the following;

  • Type of membership.
  • The number of ads viewed.
  • The number of referrals i.e. other registered users who have been recommended to the program by you.

Types of Membership

Standard members will usually get between 3 and 5 adverts a day and be paid $0.01 per click.

Golden members get more adverts, usually between 10 and 15 adverts per day although upgrade is required. Below is a summary of the membership types and amount of money paid;

Pioneer and Standard Membership

Per click: $0.010 (standard exposure), $0.015 (extended exposure)

Per referral click: $0.005 (standard exposure), $0.010 (extended exposure)

Golden Membership

Per click: $0.010 (standard exposure), $0.020 (extended exposure)

Per referral click: $0.010 (standard exposure), $0.020 (extended exposure)

NeoBux also provides bonus mini exposure advertisements for $0.005 per click.

Types of Referrals

NeoBux gives users an option of two different types of referrals i.e. direct and rented referrals. While direct referrals are those directly recommended by a user, rented referrals can actually be bought for a period of time.

Minimum Payout

NeoBux sets a minimum payout amount of $2.00 for the first payout request, $3.00 for the second, $4.00 for the third and so on until $10.00 which means that users can request for their money whenever they go beyond the set limits.

The website uses both AlertPay and PayPal for its payouts and users are guaranteed payment instantly, once a request has been made.


Perhaps what makes NeoBux so popular is the guaranteed instant payment, security, flexible referral options and the ability to replace referrals you deem as inactive. In spite of all its advantages I have found out that participating in pay per click programs is probably not the best way of making money on the Internet. First, you need to be very patient and also have regular access to the Internet.

One thing I found particularly frustrating about NeoBux was the fact that I had to keep pumping money in order to increase my rented referrals as I was unable to gather enough direct referrals. They was actually a time when all the money I earned had to be re-invested so as to keep the “Auto Pay” option enabled, replace referrals and possibly add one or two new referrals every now again. Furthermore, I was not disciplined enough to click all my adverts daily due to work commitments which meant that I lost all my referral clicks for the following day. As if that was not enough, NeoBux decided to stop their mini and daily Jackpot – I think that was “the last straw that broke the Camel’s back”. So now, I have decided to let all my referrals run their time so that I can “hopefully” re-coup all the money I invested. In conclusion, I would still recommend NeoBux for those who are organised and patient enough to invest time and money into a Pay Per Click website, but if there was one thing I have learnt – it is that such programs are not for me.

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  1. joe262

    February 1, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    The problem with most of the paid to click sites is the amount you earn for the time. Yes if you get a lot of people reffered by you it pays better but you would be better off making a simple website that sells things and promoting that the same amount of time. you should make more money and have more control over how much you make with own site.

  2. Peter

    July 3, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    That’s certainly true. But there are people out there who don’t have the knowledge of making websites and such. For them clicking ads and filling surveys etc. is far more easier. And you dedinitely CAN make money from NeoBux (and some other PTCs). It just needs time to build up your downline…a lot of time.

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