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Must Visit Places in Goa that Must be on Your Bucket List

Travel stories are always nice to hear because of the simple reason that they are filled with experiences of joy, adventure, exploring, successes and failures and always brings a happy smile when shared with others. Having your own travel stories to tell is no less than a treasure and the best way to gather more of this treasure is travel unplanned with the least expectations but what we think is that adding just a little bit of planning to this recipe can make a difference.

With all that in mind, if you are planning your vacation this time to Goa then we have compiled a list of some places around the state that must be in your bucket list from beaches to forts to even picking some top picks from the resorts in Goa, this list has got everything covered and packs a lot of opportunities for you to frame your own travel stories.


Used as an area for coconut plantations in the early days of Portugal rule, Fontainhas is a heritage colony of Goa. If you really want to get indulged into the colorful culture of goa, then a visit to Fontainhas colony will definitely leave you awestruck with its cute and colorful small houses and beautiful name plates which seems like a work of art. Name a color and you will definitely find it here on a wall. Solid and vibrant colored walls of houses all with a sloping rooftop of red tiles make it a picturesque view exactly similar to the houses we used to draw in our childhood. Fontainhas basically translates to Fonte phoenix in Portugal which means fountain of phoenix, it is the name given to a water reservoir built by Portuguese in the past. We would highly recommend that rather than making a list of resort in Goa, if you get a chance then choose to go for fontainhas as it will give you a chance to explore goa beyond beaches and beer.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Literally meaning the sea of milk, this waterfall is amongst the most magnificent waterfalls in India. Holding the place for the largest waterfalls in the western ghats, they are 310m high and 30m wide at peak. They have a beautiful story connected to their origin according to which that this place used to be the adobe to a beautiful princess who used to drink milk from a golden jug after having a bath. But one day, she saw a prince watching her bathe and she poured the milk from the jug to form the curtain of modesty. Just like this mesmerizing story, Dudhsagar waterfalls are a definitely amongst the must-visit places in goa if you want to explore the state beyond the beaches and clubs.

Tito’s Nightclub

One of the major attraction for tourists in Goa is its nightlife. Located on Tito’s road at Baga, this nightclub is run by a family who also owns the chains like Mambo café and café Del Mar which itself sets Tito’s high above in the hierarchy. It houses an open-air restaurant on the premises with adjoining nightclubs and a concert space. A retro bar is the place for the ones who like to hear classic rocks, house, techno with a large area to get yourself back to the retro age again. The bar serves some of the best spirits in goa both Indian and international. On some evenings, girls can even get free entry with free alcohol.

Palolem Beach

Known for its Miami vibe, Palolem beach has to be on this list of must visit places in Goa. There are a lot of activities that you can enjoy on this beach including kayaking, paddling, paragliding, dolphin watching, yoga etc. if you have the stamina then you can walk up to the monkey island which has some beautiful spots to click pictures or you can walk to the butterfly beach which is an absolute peace of heaven on earth covered with a lot of rocks. Also famous for its nightlife, you can be part of silent parties while listening to your music on headphones and dance till you drop. Palolem beach is also in close proximity to a long list of resorts in Goa.

Dwarka Eco Beach Resort

On the top ranks in the resorts in Goa, we have Dwarka Eco beach resort. Secret beach, clear blue lagoon and a forest full of exotic birds, this resort has got everything which makes it an ideal place to stay in peace and close to nature. Reaching this beautiful place takes some input as you have to drive down a long off-road track but sitting around the blue lagoon and listening to the soothing chirps of exotic birds will take away all your excursion after you arrive here.

The truth is, Goa is not a place where a 7-day stay at one of the luxury resorts is enough to explore the city but the above-mentioned places are definite to leave you with cherished memories and inspiring experiences. Even if you are a regular visitor to Goa, don’t be disappointed because travelling unplanned with least expectations will always leave you with some nice stories to share.

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