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Must-Have Gadgets for 2017

HTC Bolt Phone

Technology has so much to offer and you cannot go wrong by having HTC Bolt phone in 2017. HTC Bolt phone is the fastest phone with android version 7 Nougat. It has water, splash, and dust resistant aluminium body phone. Its metallic body prevents it from gruel drop, bending, scratches, submersion, corrosion, and any climate change. It’s the first known to have USB dual earphones tailored for amazing sounds with an illuminating audio experience to your ears.

HTC Bolt phone comes with quick charging technology that allows you to charge quickly. The battery capacity is about 3200mAh enough for an entire day. You have very little to worry about water damaged and broken glass since UH OH protection has a one-time replacement. The unbeatable 16MP camera that is equipped with optical image optimization makes HTC bolt the best imaging choice. In summary, HTC Bolt has many appealing features that you can’t help but be having one in 2017.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners or popularly known as the sweepers are a must have gadgets for a dust free living in 2017. They quickly remove the dust as well as the dirt. A vacuum cleaner ensures a perfect sealing suction across a variety of carpets and hardwood flooring. Many vacuum cleaners come with anti-allergen complete seal technology that traps nearly 100 percent dust. This prevents one from having allergies that are brought by dust and dirt.

New iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is the first four-inch Smartphone from apple. The iPhone SE is made from bead-blasted aluminium that provides users with a smooth finish without showing fingerprints. It has a compact body that packs all the features in one small phone which easily packs a mighty punch. The phone is also very powerful and capable giving you more reasons to own it in 2017.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This is yet another must have gadget 2017. The phone comes with an iris scanner, fingerprint, proximity, heart rate among other sensors. The phone also comes in four different colors. It has a fast charging battery which has an endurance rate of around 90 hours. What’s awesome about this phone is that you can get it with promo codes through companies like AO and, and it allows you to enjoy a free gear!

HP Envy 5541 all-in-one Wireless printer

A photo printer will be of great importance to you this year. This printer comes with up to one year HP instant ink, a color print, scan and photocopier, automatic double-sided printing. This coupled with other features will give you a good time making your photos.

As you might expect, this list is not exhaustive of all must-have gadgets of 2017 or indeed 2018. A similar list, for men, can be found on

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