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4 Healthcare Apps You Must Install in Your Smartphone

The world of technology is an invasive one. It touches almost every field of life. And healthcare is no exception as well. Think of the way patients used to be treated around 20 years back. Compare it to the present day scenario. You’ll surely agree to the fact that it has changed completely. Technology has made the processes of treatment easier than before. Lots of new devices have been introduced. Along with those, there are new apps as well. Getting those apps right in your hand, in your mobile handset, can be crucial because they can save a life at times. And, believe it or not, many of them come free of cost as well.

Wondering why you should use healthcare apps?

Because it ensures that you have a proper information beforehand about the troubles that might hit you. Besides, you can also use these apps to know about the cures of the disease that has already occurred.

Did you know that as much as 78% of the physicians also consult apps at times?

You’re carrying a smartphone. You want to download the best healthcare apps.

So, which are the apps that you must download to ensure that you can get the best healthcare tips and necessary information when you need them most? Are there different apps for various types of fields of healthcare?

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular medical apps that are used by physicians and common people alike.

Medscape Mobile

Have a medicine in your pocket? No idea what it is used for? Then it’s time you download the Medscape Mobile.

The Medscape Mobile is an extensive drug database, which has more than 7000 medicines. These include medicines of all kinds, including:

  • ·         prescription
  • ·         herbal
  • ·         over-the-counter

Besides, you can also find information about the dose as well as the side effect of each drug and more. However, the app lacks any automatic drug dosing calculator. Despite that, it is one of the most outstanding medical apps that you can get to let you know about the important medicines.

CRMD Finder

Not only the patients but at times the doctors also need healthcare apps. If you’re a doctor, you may have faced difficult treating patients with pacemakers. It’s primarily because they don’t know about the type of pacemaker the patient has. This, however, is no more difficult now with the advent of the CRMD Finder app. This mobile app uses an algorithm to ensure that the doctors can know the kind of pacemaker the patient has. This helps them to treat the patient better and with more precision. So, if you’re a doctor, you must have the CRMD Finder app installed in your smartphone for treating your patients better.


When you have a child, you should always remain alert. And if you find that your child is suffering from any kind of problem, you must try to contact a pediatrician immediately. However, this is easier said than done. You can’t always contact a pediatrician whenever you wish. And this is where you need an app, which can help you with information about healthcare for children. KidsDoc is such an app, which can help you find the best solution to your kid’s health problems.

NurseTabs: MedSurg

Similar to the doctors, the nurses also need the help of apps at times. And they can find a perfect app to help them learn their job. NurseTabs: MedSurg ensures that the nurses have all the information they need. While this app is excellent for the nurses who have just started their career, the experienced ones can also gather some knowledge from this app. Hence, this is a must-have for all the practicing as well as aspiring nurses. The nurses can get details about innumerable diseases, which are sure to come in handy for them while taking care of the patients.


In this age of information and technology, it is important to be tech savvy. It helps if you’re able to use smartphones or run the apps. If you can use technology properly, you can remain assured that healthcare would also become easily reachable. You can use the healthcare apps to get the best advice and tips to remain in the best health conditions.There are also several apps, which can help you find healthcare equipment, such as spineboard, stretchers, and so on. So, it is always a great idea to keep them handy by installing the apps in your mobile.

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