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Most Popular Payment Gateways Available for Gambling in India

A payment gateway is a third-party financial medium that connects merchant websites to bank websites for transactions to be made. Think of it as an eWallet for sending, receiving, or storing payments.

Before now, the traditional way of gambling is by scratching lotto tickets or visiting casinos. But these days, technology has made everything easy. You can now gamble at your convenience with your mobile phones and laptops, as far as you have internet access. Studies have shown that between 2020 and the next six years, the online gambling market across the globe will reach approximately USD127.3billion. This growth has made gaming providers source for convenient payment gateways to accept payment from online gamers.

There are several payments gateways available for gambling in India. Specified on, here are some of them.

Payment Gateways for Gambling in India

Unlike most countries, gambling in India is not prohibited by the law. For this reason, we aim to protect gamblers by picking out the best payment gateways based on certain factors. Like users’ security, different payment options, transaction speed, and reasonable fees among others.

  • Citrus Pay

Citrus pay is one of the best payment gateway available in India. It accepts payment from different credit cards. You can make a withdrawal from your local bank for free. Although there is a limit to withdrawal and payment, once you upgrade your wallet with them, you get to enjoy higher limits.

  • CCAvenue

CCAvenue accepts payment from both debit and credit cards, like visa cards, master cards, Maestro cards, RuPay cards, and eZeClick among others. It also accepts payment in Dollar, Euro, and several Asian currencies. It charges no setup fee but you get to pay 2% per transaction. CCAvenue is accepted by many financial institutions and online gambling websites.

  • PayUBiz

This payment gateway accepts payment in various methods. It could be through cards, internet banking, AMEX, RuPay, or wallet. payUBiz charges 2.95% for transactions through net banking, card, or wallet.

  • Direcpay

With Direcpay, payment can be made with both debit cards and credit cards through internet banking or mobile banking. It accepts payments from visa cards, master cards, diners club international, and AMEX.

  • PayUMoney

PayUMoney has one the most secure platform for making transactions. It payment process is fast and not complex.

  • Paytm

Paytm is one of the largest payment gateways in India. Payment is accepted from cards or net banking. Although Paytm charges 0.4% to 2.9% when a transaction is made – depending on the method used, it is still one of the top payment gateways available in India.

  • ePaisa

ePaisa has a fast transaction process. Payments can be made through your mobile phone or the internet. It accepts card payment – both debit and credit, wallet payment, or cryptocurrency payment.

  • Cashfree

Another payment gateway to consider for online gambling is Cashfree. It is one of the best India has to offer. It accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, UPI, IMPS, and other wallets. Although it offers the lowest transaction rates, payment can into local banks takes up to two days.

In Conclusion

Online gambling can be very risky because some payment gateways have limited security. Choosing the right one guarantees the safety of your money and your details. This is why we handpicked the above mention payment gateways for you among the popular ones available in India.

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