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Money-Saving with Unlimited Data Sim-Only Deals

Almost everyone has had to deal with a traditional plan or sim only deals. However, while it is sometimes difficult to navigate through the plethora of offers, the price in choosing plays a big role and unlimited data sim only deals always wins when it comes to expenses. However, this is not it.

Why should I get unlimited data sim only? Advantages of SIMs only deals are obvious. First of all, you get unlimited data cheaper than having a traditional contract.

Secondly, SIM-only deals are more flexible when it comes to the time of usage. For instance, while you have to sign up for a 12 or 24-month contract to have an ordinary contract, using SIM only you may make commitments for one or several months. In other words, you may be tied in a particular deal for only one month.

Thirdly, such an offer can also be recommended to those who do not know exactly how many minutes or gigabytes they use per month. Unlimited data is convenient as you do not have to worry about running out of the minutes, texts as well as data or to pay additional costs. That means, having an unlimited plan can help you avoid having to pay extra fees beyond the established minutes, messages or data limit. Finally, this option is suitable for those who do not need to upgrade their cell phone to a newer one after their traditional contract ends. In that case, it is also a great option for saving money.

The cheapest deals including unlimited minutes, texts and data for one month contract are offered by Smarty, Three and Vodafone companies. Let’s have a look!

Smarty. The plan besides unlimited UK standard calls, texts and 3G – 4G data includes tethering and personal hotspot which you can use to allow other devices to connect to your phone and get existing data online. The main benefit that the plan does not change even when you are travelling in the EU or call within Roaming EU countries. However, calling, texting and using data when travelling outside the EU is not covered by the plan and you have to top up cash balance. It will cost only £20 per month.

Three. The unlimited plan provides with 5G at no extra costs as well as includes personal hotspot and Go Roam Around the World. That means you are going to pay the same amount of money for the plan even if you are travelling outside the EU. Furthermore, Go Binge will help you not to miss your social updates, TV shows as well as listen to your favourite music. Three Advanced Plan will cost you £24.

Vodafone. This company offers a plan called Unlimited Lite. By choosing this plan you will not only get unlimited minutes, texts and data but 3-in-1 SIM, 48 roam-free destinations as well as a 3-month free trial of Secure Net. It gives 3G speeds which you can use for catching up on social media, messaging, emailing and music streaming. It will cost £28.

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