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MoboRobo Management Tool: A Review

Modern technology has seen an unprecedented increase in smartphone usage around the world. This is not a surprising development considering that there is now more reasons to carry your portable mobile gadget with you wherever you go. From watching favourite movies and television series, to listening to music and taking memorable pictures, it is no longer a surprise that this is the case.

However, there is a challenge; how do we handle the huge amount of data generated on our phones on a daily basis? There is no doubt that a typical smartphone memory or dare I say hard drive is not big enough to handle the large pieces of information or data that are constantly produced by users. Therefore, software development companies such as MoboRobo are coming up with solutions and devising simple ways to overcome this problem with the use of desktop management tools (DMT).

moborobo logo

MoboRobo’s smart all-in-one smartphone management tool makes it possible for users to manage their Apple and/or Android smartphone devices securely through a personal computer. It makes it possible for users who are overloaded with information to stream live videos or access contact lists, messages and call logs through its powerful data manager and multiple features.

A selection of some of MoboRobo’s most prominent features are presented.

  • Backing up or restoring contacts, text messages, applications and important files securely
  • Sending and receiving single or multiple text messages from a computer
  • Downloading applications, themes and wallpapers
  • Synching multimedia files including music, images and videos between Android or Apple devices and PCs through its web gallery
  • Cross-platform data transfer
  • Live phone screen, battery usage and memory consumption preview on its dashboard

Considering all these features and compared to other DMTs including AirDroid and Droid Explorer, one can only describe MoboRobo as a powerful multifunctional smartphone manager that is tailored to simplify the life of ordinary smartphone users. This view is supported by some of its benefits particularly the following.

  • MoboRobo makes switching or upgrading to a new phone a breeze because of its cross-platform capabilities
  • Its App Download Centre provides an alternative way of installing programs from phone to PC thereby saving network data usage
  • Simplicity and ease of use. As important factors in UI design, these can be seen in MoboRobo’s sleek modern theme and dashboard. For example, its drag and drop functionality means that file management can be handled with little or no fuss.


MoboRobo is compatible with a wide range of Android and Apple devices. These include support for all Android versions from 1.5 and various iPhone and iPad devices.

Connecting MoboRobo To Your Device

moborobo set up

Following download and installation, users can connect MoboRobo to their computers via a direct USB connection (recommended) or a wireless WiFi connection. However, note that to properly use MoboRobo, Android SDK and ADB should be configured and installed on your computer.


Once you log in, you will be greeted by the following menu items which should help you manage your smartphone device through your computer.

Top Menu

  • Home
  • Data – handles contacts, call logs and messages.
  • Apps – consists of your active smartphone applications.
  • Multimedia  – this includes Images, Music, Videos and Themes.

Sidebar Menu

  • The sidebar menu displays sub-menu items for each of the above-listed categories.

So then, there you have it. You can now say goodbye to uni-dimensional file managers and hello to MoboRobo. Interested users can download MoboRobo on their computer through the following link: Quick MoboRobo Download.

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