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Mobile Shopping Sales Reveals Consumer Preference For Apple

Consumer purchases during this holiday shopping season points to increased usage of mobile devices. More individuals are spending time online making purchases rather than in stores. Online shopping saves time, money, and is very convenient.

mobile shopping

If businesses don’t see the value in investing in mobile websites or even applications, then they’€™ll soon fall behind in a highly competitive market where consumers want accessibility and information instantly from any device wherever they are located.

What Did This Recent Holiday Season Reveal?

According to recent research and holiday shopping sales, the iO7 for Apples’€™ iPhone and the iPad remains more popular than Android devices. Consumers are spending double the amount of money on Apple products. Sales and popularity for these devices remains very high.

Online sales are up to almost for 17% for all sales. Mobile sales and traffic account for 29% of all mobile sales. People are investing more money on smartphones, tablets, and using them to buy additional related software and hardware.

Why is the iO7 More Popular for Mobile Shopping than Android?

Despite Google’s efforts to endlessly upgrade their mobile operating systems, they still can’t catch up with Apple’€™s latest operating system the iO7. As data and research indicates, individuals with smartphones, particularly those with iO7 on iPhones, engage more in online shopping from their devices.

Is Android or Apple better? This doesn’€™t indicate that Android is far inferior to the iO7, but smartphone users conduct online shopping with those Apple devices. What do these online traffic patterns, shopping, and usage tell mobile developers?

Retailers and Businesses Must Shift Focus to Mobile

If 23% of online shopping for the Christmas season is conducted from iO7 devices, then retailers, companies, or any businesses targeting the consumer during this busy season, miss the mark without a mobile approach. If they don’t please the mobile user with at least an easy-to-navigate mobile site and app, then they’ll lose out on the potential percentage of all online shopping sales.

Creating a strong mobile strategy involves the creation of a solid application. There are plenty of companies available, such as BlueRocket mobile application development, who focuses on strong, user friendly mobile apps.

This focus on mobile translates into other areas besides online retail shopping and sales. The average working professional, college student, and parent wants more convenience in their life. Everything on-the-go is an absolute must. Individuals are even accessing mobile apps for restaurants to purchase to-go orders ahead to save time in lines or waiting for meals to be ready.

Without the basics of a mobile website or application, restaurants or any type of business suffers. As technology continues to develop for mobile devices, individuals will spend less time on desktop or laptop computers and more time viewing information, products, reading articles, and reviews for restaurants online from their smartphones or tablets. The popularity of these devices will not cease to grow.

As far as investing in a mobile app goes, it’€™s essential to find a mobile application developer that has the ability to make the app function fully and adapt to every device, especially the latest Apple products.

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  1. Simon

    January 6, 2014 at 5:20 am

    This is really nice and I got to know that why iOS is still ahead of android as for as the mobile marketing is concerned.

  2. Rohit

    January 6, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    most of the top flagships of different tech giants like samsung s5, hTC one, sony etc, belongs to the android family, but even after if Apple is in top then i really appreciate the marketing of Apple Inc.

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