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The Mobile Answer To Managing Your Money

Doesn’t it seem like life’s pace has accelerated exponentially in the last few years? Everywhere you turn, people are on the go, hardly even standing still, and even when they are, they’re talking on the phone or using it to tweet, email, or Web-surf. Everything is a rush, and you can now do tasks on the move that would usually require you to stay put in one place

Take money management, for instance. Once upon a time, you had to sit there with your checkbook, receipts, bills, and calculators and hash out your budget, expenses, and available cash. Then when banks, utilities, credit cards, and other creditors went online, you could use your desktop PC to manage money better.

Now, with the proliferation of mobile devices, all of that is in the past. You don’t even have to carry cash anymore! There are a lot of options out there for making cash transfers, and new ones coming along every day!

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Mobile devices are a great tool for money management

Online Money Options

Any bank or credit card worth its salt has a mobile app so that you can manage your cash 24/7 no matter where you are or what you’re doing. That’s pretty cool and brings a good level of convenience. The bank apps are particularly good because you can transfer money into your checking account anytime, and avoid over-limit penalties.

Then there are sites like PayPal, which offer a good degree of protection for the consumer, and make it accessible to not only pay out funds but also receive them. Again, more convenience.

However, there’s still room for improvement. There’s a need for something that can facilitate real-time cash transfers between two private parties, and not necessarily between a consumer and a business. Fortunately, there is, in fact, something in place that does just that.

The Age Of Digital Banking Sites

Have you ever heard of a digital banking site? It’s quite possibly the most convenient way of managing your money if you’re into the mobile lifestyle and these days, who isn’t? For instance, the site enables you to send instantaneous, real-time cash transfers to other members, provided both parties are signed up for the service, and to businesses.

ChimpChange functions like a bank account complete with direct deposit benefits, ATM withdrawals, and other common online services. Your ChimpChange account is linked to a MasterCard issued by the site, and it functions like a bank’s ATM card. It can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. However, it’s not an actual credit card with an available credit limit and such.

With a digital bank account such as ChimpChange, you’ve now gone totally mobile and completely digital. Naturally, this doesn’t preclude you having a regular old-school bank account. In fact, you can link both accounts!

Like these 24 Tools That Simplify Your Life, and digital banking in general just make life a lot easier. Let’s face it, today’s lifestyle is always on the go and doesn’t stop just because the bank is closed.

By choosing a form of mobile money management, you can enjoy true independence without having to stuff your wallet full of cash. And if you’re keen on the whole concept of apps that handle overall financial management, by all means check out “The Best Finance Management Apps Of Today”.

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