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Memory Cleaner Review: MacKeeper Launches New Feature

memory cleaner

It’s time to take a look at the memory of your Mac from a different angle. Except hard drive space, your Mac has RAM memory which is very important for Mac productivity. For example, if you intensively use apps or a games with high requirements your RAM memory is overloaded and you may see that you Mac works slower than usual. It could lead to the regular slowdown because of watching movies or listening to music. Imagine that it’s like a tank which is gathering information and storing it for a while until it’s needed. In most cases the RAM is cleaning itself very slowly and it is better to clean it either manually or with special tools.

So, how to clean the RAM? Fortunately, hundreds of RAM cleaners are available on the market, with a wide range of prices and functionalities. Today I will review MacKeeper. First, because MacKeeper includes 5 cleaning features for cleaning of junk and large files, cleaning of duplicates and RAM cleaning. Besides, the app includes the Antivirus and Anti Theft features. Finally, it offers a bundle of optimization tools to make your Mac more productive.

MacKeeper introduces one of the most useful features for Mac. If it’s problematic and costly to update the RAM on the Mac, better optimize it with Memory Cleaner.

Memory Cleaner works in a few clicks and has two general modes: Memory Status and Advanced Mode. In Memory Status, you can manually clean the RAM and get the result in a few seconds. Under Advanced Options, you can choose the preferred size for cleaning of RAM memory up to 100%, and the memory will be cleaned automatically when your RAM reaches the limit of free memory.

It is the fact that Macs with higher RAM are faster, but sometimes it’s impossible to improve or replace RAM and, as usual, it’s the reason for a slow Mac. You can notice that if the mouse pointer is spinning regularly, the apps are logging in longer than usual and basically the login process is too long. This is all about full RAM. Unfortunately, testing of the RAM is so complicated that I will not recommend doing this and there’s no better way to keep it optimized than to install a good app.

The design of MacKeeper is user-friendly and fits perfectly into the Mac OS X. The user interface it is simple and logical, each feature has detailed instructions and is easy to use. The Memory Cleaner feature is located both inside the Find And Fix feature and separately. Inside the Find And Fix feature, the new version of MacKeeper shows both the state of RAM and the number of junk files, making the cleaning process easier.

Besides, MacKeeper is “free to try” after the installation, meaning that you can clean 10% of your RAM for free.

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My name is Andrew Dufresne. I am focused on technology, hardware and software. I love my MacBook Pro and I like to provide readers with Mac OS X tips and tricks.

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