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Managed Security Service Provider: Need of the Hour

When it comes to a business IT network, security is of paramount importance. Today, business organizations are facing high-security threats with regards to their network systems, data and software programs, and this is the reason why the services of a managed security service provider have become the need of the hour.

IT security involves many things apart from safeguarding IT network. For example, securing highly confidential financial and business data from theft is a key aspect of network security. It is not always possible for SMBs to handle everything in-house for various reasons like lack of skilled manpower, ever-changing IT regulations, and various other complexities.

Today, small and medium businesses have realized the need to go for managed security services. By outsourcing IT security job to a specialized MSSP, businesses can concentrate on their core business. Therefore, the trend today is to outsource IT security responsibility to a reliable managed security service provider. The benefits are many. Apart from safe and secure IT network, the whole setting proves quite cost-effective and hassle free. This helps in improved work efficiency and ROI.

Certified engineers and security service providers implement a strategy for the whole enterprise to keep everything safe. The amount of time they spend configuring their systems and hardware is worthwhile creating a safety net for their workspace. This is just one of the many things that are a part of managed security service.

Some Tasks Performed by Managed Security Service Providers

  • Blocking viruses
  • Blocking spam mails
  • Detecting intrusion
  • Managing firewalls
  • Managing virtual private network (VPN)
  • …and more

MSSP also prevents data theft, takes care of patch management, carries out security audits, and takes prompt action during an emergency, such as malicious programs and virus attacks. More benefits include:

Improved network visibility

One of the most important benefits for a small to mid-size company is that the managed security service providers offer them improved network visibility at all times. The network monitoring services are offered round the clock and this helps to increase the systems performance in an enterprise setup. When there is better visibility in the system, security threats, poor performance areas and bottlenecks of the systems can be identified and resolved.

Increased uptime

There are times when the network goes down. However, the downtimes can also happen due to problems in the system itself. 24X7 monitoring and management of the network are done by a managed security service Provider to ensure minimum downtime. Also, it is ensured that the systems operate in the optimum conditions. More uptime means more work and more revenues.

Why companies were reluctant

Earlier, most companies were reluctant to have MSSP for their system. They found it difficult to let go of the control initially but when they considered the kind of protection they offer in the everyday operations and management of security issues, they readily decided in favor of hiring a Managed Security Service Provider. Thus, businesses today are confidently handing over their IT security job to MSSP, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

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Marketing Manager, Allot Communications.

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