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Making a Great Personal Trainer Website: How to Get Started

Need help in making a personal trainer website? Find out how in this guide.

So you’re trying to make your first personal trainer website? While you can use traditional advertising efforts, but websites and social media have made these efforts accessible and affordable, with a good ROI.

Having a professional website is a critical asset you can’t work without. And it can be one of the tools used to stay on top of existing clients and attract new clients. Keep reading this guide; we have some tips that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Website Hosting

So you’ve created a unique domain name and a good idea for your site. But without a good hosting service, your site won’t be visible to your clients.

Website hosting is usually available within your domain registry, but it can also be accessed through hosting companies or even through a template and hosting service such as Square Space.

Creating Content

One popular strategy amongst business professionals is to create the content of your site before thinking about the style or design first. First, you have to tell your story, organize your thoughts based on the services you’re trying to offer.

Then, you can create a design that supports this narrative. Make an outline that starts with the site’s navigation, or architect.

What page titles do you need for your site? At the minimum, most personal trainer website examples have the following titles:

  • Home Page
  • Services
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

Start creating copy for each page. Be thorough when writing your descriptions, but you don’t have to write a novel. Help explain your business credentials and include:

  • Service, training programs, and classes offered (with detailed descriptions)
  • Fitness certifications and credentials
  • Client testimonial
  • The contact information like email and phone, and social media handles
  • Articles or blogs with extra guidance and insight from you

Site Design

Whether you’re using a template or hiring a professional template, now its time to add some style to your site. Think about the aesthetic you want for your site, which should include fonts, colors, illustration and photography.

The right web designer will capture the vision, and you have access to a near infinite amount of free and premium templates online.

Load The Site Content

Any CMS (content management system) or basic website template will allow you to simply copy and paste your content on your site. You can upload photo easily by sending the files through email. Also, you have preview options so you can see how the images and content will look on the site.

Website Management

Installing website analytics is an important step that most novices tend to overlook. For example, Google Analytics is free and is an insightful analytics tool. It’s a small addition to your website’s code and allows you to view your site visitors – how many pages they read, how long they stay, how many people, and much more.


Even after you’ve made your first personal trainer website, you still have to promote it. Conclusively, follow personal trainer websites example and continue to refine your page and see an improvement in clients and overall business.

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