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4 Tips to Installing a Car Shade

When you park your car for too long during hot weather, its interior usually gets very hot. In fact, the high temperatures emanating from the scorching sun causes everything including the steering wheel and the seats to be untouchable. If the interior of the car is exposed to direct sun rays for many days, the seats will eventually wear out. Besides that, the color of the car interior will start to fade. All these problems can be remedied by installing car shades.

These shades usually create a barrier that prevents the rays of the sun from penetrating into the car interior through the windshields and windows. They help in ensuring that your car interior remains cool during extremely hot weather. The other advantage is that it adds a sense of privacy. When the shades are installed, passersby will not be able to peep through the windows. This discourages thieves from breaking into the car because they don’t know what’s inside. Installing a car shade is actually a simple process. You don’t even need to use any tools. Just follow the tips outlined below and you will be good to go.

1. Measure Size of Windshield and Windows

Before you get started with the installation process, you should first measure the length and the width of the windshields and windows. This is because your shade might either be too big or small for it to be able to cover an entire surface. In case the shade is too long, you should trim its sides so that you are left with a sheet that fits on the surface perfectly. When trimming the shades, you should make precision cuts using a pair of scissors as this helps in maintaining their appeal.

2. Unfold Shades inside the Car

The worst mistake that you can make when installing a car shade is to unfold it when you are outside. This is because you will not be able to spread it evenly beneath the window or windshield. By unfolding the shade inside the car, you will make the installation process to be less cumbersome, especially if it’s designed to be retractable. This also helps in minimizing the chances of damaging the shade by bumping it against sharp objects.

3. Start with Front and Rear Windshields

When installing shades, it’s advisable you start with those that are far from the door. In fact, you should start with the rear windshield and then proceed to the one at the front. Once you are done with the windshields, you should start working on the windows. To avoid a messy installation, you should first focus on covering passenger windows and finalize by covering the driver’s window. Covering the windows is much easier because you just need to open each individual door, mount the shade and close it.

4. Always Start from Bottom

Installing a shade is supposed to be a simple task. But you can complicate it by starting from the top. By starting from the bottom, you will be able to cover a bigger surface of the window or windshield. Remember, leaving some spaces uncovered will pave way for the sun rays to penetrate. Fortunately, most shades come with simple mechanisms for mounting them such as suction cups that can be pushed against the window or windshield. You should, therefore, confirm that the edges have been attached to the studs so that they don’t fall off.

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