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What Makes App Viewers Download Your Mobile App?

You can bring your App viewers to an App store or on the website where it is hosted. They will come to your website or visit google store, but have you seen them downloading it in reality? So, how, you may ask, to make them download your Mobile App? Your total investment made in copywriting, promotional blogs, best design efforts, screenshots and everything in between would not be worth it if all you get is peanut jar. Let’s learn how you can hint at the clear call to actions to prompt them to download your App.

Demonstrate the trailers – Showing them what you have got in your App on your website does the big job for your customers. They will not be able to invest their trust if they are prone to doubt. So display the key elements that your App contains. Name, logo or icon, screenshots of interiors and design aspects and all round description of features in a convincing fashion. Present in such a way as to tease their natural curiosity.

Clarity of Call-to-action – Call to actions hold great importance when it comes to getting the visitors to buy your App. It might be striking like an obvious idea to have a button with which to download the app. But often Mobile Apps Development artists forget how remarkable it would be to integrate an amazing, vibrant and easily visible download button. Doing so will make it easy for your viewers to download and fiddle with it.

When customers land on the first page of your website, they must be able to view the call-to-action download button. Make sure when they are done taking a look at the look at the rest of your website and get convinced by all the required checkpoints, the button is the first thing they notice.

The Mobile App store badges – Adding badges to your website or on blogs that endorses your App is how you can attract your customers to download it. Developers can utilize these explicit badges and make an impressive call to actions. Apple has recently made a small change by changing their badge to ‘Download on the App store’. This prevents developers from creating the button of their choice in compliance with the strict marketing guidelines.

Easy access through SMS – Lately, a new trend has arrived. According to this, a call to action is made visible to website visitors. They can enter their phone number and click on ‘Get a link to your mobile’. They will receive a message with a download link. They then receive a text message on their phone with a direct link to download the app.

This trick can help increase conversion directly. Users get a link to your app directly on their device, which saves them the extra efforts it takes to look up the Google store for the App. I don’t know about you but sometimes I was just unable to find an app I wanted to download by using search on the App Store.

E-Mail notification – If you are still to launch your App and want to perk up viewers’ anticipation, you can send them interesting alert messages that would pique their interest. These email notification will intimate them about everything that is there in your App. Ask them to enter their email address when they come to your website. Mail chimp, for example, is the best example.

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