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The 5 Technologies Your Small Business Needs Today

It’s no secret that today’s small business economy is driven by technological advancements. All businesses strive to create a web presence, and communication is not possible without gadgets and devices. The technology impact on businesses has been huge, and includes such small features as computers and expands to more complicated services, such as SEO marketing. In an effort to help your small business succeed in this complicated (albeit exciting) atmosphere, here’s 5 technologies your business absolutely must have:

  1. Multi-Line Telephone Systems

Here’s an innovation modern small businesses seem to be overlooking: the benefits of traditional phone lines. Yes, most people have mobile phones. And, yes, your business may want to equip your sales people with mobile phones (see below). That doesn’t mean you should neglect installing business phone systems within the office and the warehouse; in fact, this phone system is actually more important and useful to businesses than mobile phones.

A multi-line telephone system connects everyone in the building, as well as provides outside lines for incoming and outgoing customer service calls. Interoffice communication is essential to your businesses’ success, so don’t neglect providing your employees with the technology to reach one another at a moment’s notice. And, your customers will appreciate that you’ve installed multiple lines to ensure their calls are answered in a timely manner, and they’re not hearing a busy signal each time they call.

  1. Working Computers for Everyone

Even the warehouse needs computers. Although your pickers and stockers don’t need individual computers, a single computer for the area is necessary to track logins, stocked product, and more. Computers are among the first pieces of technology a small business should be equipped with.

Its first benefit is that it gives you access to the Internet, which gives you unlimited access to competitor information, and other tools to enhance your business, such as office supplies, potential employees, and client/customer information. Additionally, it gives you storage space to store data related to your business.

  1. Internet Connected Mobile Phones

Not everyone in the business needs a company mobile phone, but sales people, executives, and business owners can and will benefit from the service. As the boss, you’ll delight in being able to check how your business is running whether you’re away from the office or not. You’ll also be able to download data as it’s uploaded to the cloud.

Salespeople benefit from mobile phones for the same reasons executives do (they’re treated to real-time access to data and information). Additionally, they can view traffic and customer information. As the boss, you’ll be able to GPS track where your people are and when in order to more effectively manage routes and maximize time and revenue.

  1. The Benefits of a High-Quality Website

Every business – big and small – needs a website. Websites are low cost, and have a ton of benefits, including giving you a leg up in the search engines. People are going to search for your business, and a website is almost guaranteed to be the first result.

Plus, websites provide around-the-clock accessibility to your products and services. It’s like your business is open 24/7; therefore, your sales are increased and long-term business relationships can be established. And, your businesses’ information is provided in a way that is very effective, and yet not pushy.

  1. SEO and Marketing Analytic Tools

SEO and marketing analytic tools provide an excellent service – they build your company’s web presence, as well as track your business data. Through these services, a small business can process its data, which results in meta-data which has an impact on future decision making, including alternative suggestions. (such tools give a clearer picture of dark spots in the business, and hence its owners can work on those dark spots with the ultimate goal of eliminating them).

These are just a few of the fundamental technologies your business should take advantage of. Consider these a jumping off point, and embrace the potential of other emerging and established technologies. Some of the most recognizable other technologies include social media, cloud storage, cloud security, and many more.

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Ryan Kh is a big data and analytic expert, marketing digital products on Amazon's Envato. He is not just passionate about latest buzz and tech stuff but in fact he's totally into it. Follow Ryan’s daily posts on WordPress / Clear World Finance / Forumsmix

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