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Make Every Call an Experience to Remember

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When a customer calls to a customer care department, the purpose of the call is to find a resolution to an issue or an answer to a query. The solution to the problem is the bare minimum he expects from his interaction with an agent. In a customer’s eyes, the person on the other line is the brand itself. He expects the agent to have the same values as endorsed by the brand he represents. However, most of the times, agents fail to understand this expectation of the caller and consider call resolution to be the only parameter they should be judged on. This approach may seem alright for many customer service outsourcing seekers, however, it is not the best in the current state of competition.

Why Customer Service Fails When It Is Based on Resolution

For someone who really understands call centre business, it is a well-known fact that there is very little to choose between two experienced call centre agents on the basis of their call-resolving skills. Most agents with the same level of experience have almost the same FCR (First Call Resolution) ratings. However, one thing that they don’t have in common is their CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) ratings, which are directly dependent on how they make their customers feel on the call.

Agents who are good at resolving queries and ensuring good customer experience are incredibly valuable for an organization. On the other hand, agents who only strive to resolve the query without paying any attention to the way customers are reacting to their every instruction, often fail to keep their customer satisfaction ratings high.

When agents fail to keep customer satisfaction ratings high, a company runs the risk of losing its customer to the competition. Hence, it is important for you to find a customer service outsourcing provider that excels at issue resolution and customer satisfaction.

Address Pain Points of Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service is a big decision that needs to be taken with great care. When you are looking for a vendor, you need to ensure that it has the capabilities to keep your customers’ happy. A vendor should be able to address the common pain points that trouble customers when they are on call with an agent. Below is a list of some of the pain points:

1.      Hindrance in communication:

The quality of interaction between your agent and customers often decides the fate of the call. Many times, it is seen that an interaction between a customer and a non-native agent leads to confusion on the call. This happens because many customers find different accents hard to comprehend. Hence, it is best for business owners to use domestic outsourcing solutions.

2.      Lack of performance reviews:

Even the best agents are liable to drop their levels when they discover that nobody is monitoring them. To ensure that your best agents stay up to the task and new agents learn from their mistakes, you should outsource your business to a call centre that cares like Vcare.

3.      Insufficient or inappropriate training:

Without the right training, it will be foolish to expect good results from your call centre agents. Therefore, you should be outsourcing customer service to a vendor that has in-house capabilities to train agents in best customer service practices.

Outsourcing your business to just about anybody for economic benefits can cause you to lose the trust of your customers. So, it is best to first do your research about the vendor that you will be hiring and only then make a decision.

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