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How to Retrieve Lost Data without Using Expensive Phone Service

With smartphones becoming more and more widely available and useful, people have chosen their phones as their storage devices. If you have been using a phone for some time, you have likely stored many of your files on it.

However, storing data on your mobile device comes at a risk. Although most phones are stable and usually store your files without any issues, there may come a time when you end up losing the data on your device due to various reasons. Data loss usually happens when you play with unknown apps, flash custom files, or do something system related to your device.

If you are already in a situation where you have lost your data, you may want to find out how you can recover your data on your mobile device. Since data loss is a common thing amongst smartphone users, a lot of data recovery options have become available letting users get their lost data back on your devices.

Data Recovery Services NearBy?  Expensive and Cheats

The most common solution to recover data on a mobile phone is to use a data recovery service. You should be very cautious though when you use such a service to restore data on your device. Many of these services are extremely expensive and do not work all the times.

Also, there is a risk of getting cheated when using such services. These service providers may also use your restored data for their own beneficial purposes. Since they restore the data on the device, they can access all the files including your confidential documents on your phone and use them however they want. This is one of the most concerning issues with using a data recovery service provider.

How Do You Recover Your Phone Data Do Yourself?

With all the negativity around regarding data recovery services, there are some positive methods as well that you can use to recover data on your mobile devices.

There are a number of ways to recover the data that you have lost due to various reasons on your smartphone. The following are some of the many options for you to recover your important files on your devices.

1. Retrieve Data from the Backups of Your Phone [Free]

Regardless of what mobile phone you use, there must be at least one way for you to back up the data on your device. Many of the phone manufacturers encourage their users to regularly create backups of your phone data. It is to ensure you have access to the copy of your data when your actual data is lost in a process or something.

If you use an iPhone, for example, you can use either iTunes or iCloud to create and keep a safe backup of your phone data. If you are an Android phone user, you can use the Google Drive service to create your backups.

When you find that your data is lost on your phone, all you need to do is restore one of your backups from either iTunes, iCloud, or Google Drive on your device and you will have all of your data restored on your phone. It is the easiest and hassle-free way to recover data on mobile phones.

2. Restore Files from the Trash or Similar Tools

If your data has been deleted and is not lost while performing a task on your phone, you can check the Trash, Recycle Bin, or similar tools on your machine to see if your data is available there.

Most of the time, when you delete a file from your phone, it is sent to a dedicated folder where it stays for about thirty days before it is permanently deleted. So if it has not been too long since you lost your data, you are highly suggested to check out these deleted folders and you may be lucky and get all the files you wanted.

This works for most gallery apps as well as you have a recently deleted album where all the recently deleted media content is kept for about a month before it is deleted for good.

3. Take Help of Data Recovery Tools

If you have not had any luck with the trash or backup methods, your last option may be to use a dedicated data recovery tool to recover the lost data on your phone.

A data recovery tool is a software that is built with intelligent algorithms to help you find deleted files like photos, and restore them on your mobile device. Most of these tools even let you select the files you would like to restore on your phone so you do not have to restore all the deleted files on your device. For instance, the PhoneRescue by iMobie.


If you do not wish to use expensive data recovery services as they also pose a risk of getting your data stolen, you have a few other methods available to recover data on your phone as explained in the above guide.

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This is Jonathan Tang, the owner of two tech websites, and writing articles on operating system and apps since 2014. Professional on data recovering, and know the importance of the data that people stored on the device, and know how frustrating it would be if there is any data loss. I like music and play guitar.

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