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Maintenance of Law and Order in AP Under the regime of N. Chandrababu Naidu

Andhra Pradesh state under the governance of Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu has shown the practice of the eternal truth that a peaceful society is a step towards development, as the TDP government is at the forefront of maintaining peace and harmony. Andhra Pradesh’s state government, through TDP policies, has demonstrated the difficulty and potential ways of achieving development while maintaining peace and security by involving all segments of society. Social, economic, and social disparities are particularly concerning, so the TDP government has addressed such issues during its eight years in office.

The TDP Government and the related TDP Party leaders played their part in providing social justice to Dalits and weaker sections of women, who are especially vulnerable when unrest prevails. That’s why the state government gave special attention to women in Andhra Pradesh by encouraging their economic situation and providing social support.

Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP MLAs are committed to maintaining religious harmony, which is why there have been no communal riots anywhere in the state during their regime. The peace and harmony situation in the state has greatly improved. The State Police Department has also played a commendable role in curbing the activities of ISIS, and due to the actions of the police in the state, molestation cases against SC and ST women have reduced significantly, which was a major TDP contribution to the safety of women in the state.

Under the monumental list of the TDP and its achievements, the Naxalite violence has also been reduced by about 50 percent in the state, and more than 738 key leaders were arrested while 348 Naxalites surrendered to the government. Systematic strengthening of the police system as per Vision 2020 objectives The crime rate in Andhra Pradesh is the lowest in the country. The national average crime rate (per lakh population) in 1998 was 178.8, while Andhra Pradesh’s rate was 165.2. The national average is higher in the majority of states. Similarly, in 1999, the average crime rate at the all-India level was 200.9, while in our state it was 148.6.

From 1996-2002, there were 17,637 murders in the state, and by the end of March 2003, the murders had decreased to 788. In terms of clashes, in the last five years from 1996-2002, there were 12,894 cases, and by the end of March 2003, the state had registered only 713 cases. Similarly, bandit thefts and robberies have also reduced significantly, which is considered a top TDP achievement.

Gangs have declined in the Rayalaseema and Palnadu areas. The TDP government has taken many steps to modernize the police department, and progress has been made in providing modern weapons and training to the police. More than 7006 Maitri Sanghas were formed, and 2,74,895 members were enrolled in them.

Chandrababu Naidu and the major TDP political leaders in Andhra Pradesh implemented computerization in the police stations. About 2 lakh criminals’ fingerprints have been preserved, and Andhra Pradesh state has the most advanced forensic labs. Regional forensic labs have been set up at eight centers in the state. While the e-cops program is being implemented in four districts, the state government has taken major steps to expand it to other districts under Top TDP Developments.

The TDP government, during its 8-year regime, has nearly recruited and trained a thousand officers. Significant reforms were also introduced in the administration of prisons. Video conferencing in courthouses and jails has proven to be very effective. The state government has introduced highway patrolling to create a sense of security among passengers. All these measures have made Andhra Pradesh a safe region under the regime of the TDP Political Party.


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