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Madmax Money Talk’s Hit Single HMI Puts a New Spin on His Music Career

Haitian Music Artist Madmax Money Talk’s Hit Single HMI makes waves in the music industry.

Madmax Money Talk continues to create history in music. The soulful Caribbean artist’s latest hit single, “HMI,” currently has more than 160,000 views on YouTube. The level of talent, growth, and dominance Madmax Money Talk has demonstrated over the years is incomparable to any other artist from Haiti.

Since announcing his highly anticipated album earlier this year, Haitian artist Madmax Money Talk continues to dominate various music streaming platforms, cementing his place in history as he takes the Creole genre to the next level.

Madmax Money Talk, aka Maxime Erassaint, is a Port-au-Prince, Haiti-born and raised musician with a degree in Business Administration. Currently, the 35-year-old artist raps and sings in a self-owned studio record label, Mad Records. Madmax loves writing songs about his country, which is why his latest track, HMI (Haitian Music Industry), is an ode to his love for music while being a proud Haitian.

On a personal front, his 3-year-old son and mother inspire him to be the best version of himself in terms of his music. Madmax hopes to grow even further in the music industry with his singles.

Record-Breaking Music Singles
Thanks to the unwavering support of his fan base, Madmax Money Talk’s singles took the internet by storm. Each of his songs received an overwhelming response from his fans on YouTube and other music streaming channels. In particular, his latest track, Haitian Music Industry, is what made a significant difference. With over a million views, HMI gave his music career a new spin.

Making History

Madmax Money Talk recently made history as one of the first few Haitian musicians to be featured on several streaming platforms. Rich in the culture and soul of Haiti, Madmax Money Talk’s music paints a vibrant picture for the listener.

As a talented and independent music artist, he continues to break barriers globally and expand his unique creole genre’s footprint in new and mainstream media markets. In the coming months, Madmax aims to give fans a ‘soulful jam’ of tracks. Madmax Money Talk’s songs and approach are incredibly detailed. His success is apparent from afar. The respect and support he receives from his fans worldwide is the core reason why he wants to continue making music fueled by his passion and love for his home country.

A Collection of Mesmerizing Creole Jams
Fans can expect to hear a few classics and new tracks on the new album, set for release soon. The tracklist includes: ‘The Club,’ ‘Trouble Boy,’ ‘Lavi San Lanmou,’ ‘Mad Mad,’ ‘Konkou Lanmou,’ and ‘Chanpyon.’

The lead and title track, HMI, was released in January 2020. It has already amassed more than a million streams across several music platforms with similar numbers on YouTube and iTunes, speaking to the demand for his music globally. Encouraging comments from the fans highlight his reach and mutual love for Haitian music across the platform.

A harmonious blend of Rap, Haitian, and Creole Music

Madmax has his unique way of blending Creole, Haitian Music, and Rap that sets him apart from the rest. By creating a mix of all three, he has been able to touch the hearts of his fans worldwide. Not only is this his love language, but it is also the way he communicates with his fans.

His songs receive a lot of love from fans, especially on his latest hit single, HMI. Madmax puts his heart and soul into his music videos so that he can reach out to his fans through good music and visuals.

The clean, crisp editing in his music videos is seamless and incredibly professional. With future music on its way, Madmax Money Talk hopes to incorporate several out-of-the-box ideas for his music videos. The best part about Madmax Money Talk’s music is that even though most of it is in Creole, the music and beats are versatile enough to make anyone vibe to the tracks. Parties, car drives, or even dance, Madmax Money Talk’s songs, and music videos are a hit.

Giving Back to the Haitian Music Industry

Out of all the Haitian music artists out there, Madmax chooses to give back to the Haitian Music Industry through his song HMI. Regardless of having a large pool of English-speaking fans, Madmax stays true to his home language. As a singer, he believes in making music close to the heart rather than what sells.

His loyalty to Creole and the melody of Haitian music is evident through his work. Madmax Money Talk wishes to create more Haitian music in the future to honor the place he was born in. Haiti as a country has gone through several hardships. Madmax, as a proud Haitian, wants to use his talent to give back to the community and keep the Haitian culture alive. His hit singles eternalize everything that the Haitian culture stands for.

Madmax Money Talk’s Focus on Creole & Caribbean Fans

Haitian music is essentially about turning to music for venting emotions and celebrating life. Many Haitian singers and music artists like Madmax use this genre and music as a form of healing. Through Madmax Money Talk’s music singles, you can taste what Haiti as a country has to offer.

On the topic of his fans and general audience, Madmax Money Talk comments that he makes music for people from 15 to 65, based in the Caribbean. Most of his music is in Creole, which is why his fans from the Caribbean have a special place in their heart for him.

Through his dedication, hard work, and ever-growing talent, Madmax Money Talk doesn’t seem like the kind of music artist who would be backing down any time soon. With so much more to come, Madmax Money Talk aims to reinvigorate the dynamics of the Haitian Music Industry.

Madmax Money Talk Hit Single HMI: HMI by Madmax Moneytalk – YouTube

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