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How to Prepare an Effective Outbound Calling Campaign in your Call Center

Different factors are clear-cutting to the success of the outbound calling campaign. We run along with some expert advice that must help you with your own campaign purpose.

What exactly an Outbound calling campaign is and where is it used?

An outbound calling campaign is a campaign where the caller makes calls to existing clients with the aim to sell, engage more leads, sell your brand, or run some research.

According to The Inner Circle Guide to Outbound, the ContactBabel recent report, the general types of those outbound activities in US contact centers are:

  • Callbacks about ongoing issues
  • Callbacks requested by customers
  • Sales calls to existing customers
  • Sales calls to potential new customers
  • Debt collection
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

In spite of the various non-voice channels, calls are still appropriate. Exhausted by multiple lockdowns, humans are happy to hear voices instead of numerous messages in messengers. Now let us try to understand how to create and run a successful outbound calling campaign.

Prepare a Successful Outbound Calling Campaign. The Best Hints

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1. Place Objectives and Strategy

The first thing you have to do is to set campaign objectives and after proceeding a strategy on how to go ahead with it. Data & Marketing Association (DMA) experts encouraged to take into consideration the next questions during achieving your campaign objectives:

  •  What do you want your company to get?
  •  What’s the useful gain your customers will get from the company?
  •  Can you define goals?
  •  Are your goals achievable?
  •  How many dials and decision-making contacts (DMCs) will be required?
  •  What conversion rates are achievable?
  •  What quality objectives should you accept, besides the financial?
  •  What useful information about the client can you get during the call?
  •  How will it help your customer to improve his experience in future campaigns?

If the answers satisfy you, move on to the campaign strategy. It depends on your business aims, but there are some grounds you should know:

  •  Your client must be in the first place: respect their possibility to refuse
  •  Be honest and straightforward
  •  Make efficient negotiations
  •  Improve conversation over conversion: try to find balance when establishing time frames for outbound calls
  •  Don’t make your clients “listening hostages”
  •  Keep promises you give

2. Come up with a call script

Using a well-planned call script, you are getting easy to make a deal. Survey the needs of your prospects, prepare for potential answers and objections to writing the deal. Our all-in-one contact center solution allows you to build call scripts faster from numerous blocks (knowledge base, poll, proposal, HTML in a frame). They are demonstrated on the agent interface during calls. It will help to save employees time as they do not have to look through between different programs.

3. Deal with management issues

Let’s concentrate on campaign management. Look at the list of tips you should do:

Dialing strategy. The size of your contact list is the first thing to settle your dialing strategy. In keeping with it, you had better choose the number of workers you need, and which dialing mode will be used. Also, you have to take into account how much time your campaign will take.

Process the data in use. Preliminary verify your contact list data and ensure their security to avoid data breaches from agents’ side. Our call center software allows you to do it by hiding phone numbers both partially and fully.

Respect for the law. Make no doubt that data in your list isn’t in the Do Not Call (DNC) lists or in other registers with clients who do not want to get unwanted calls. Make sure your dialing software must be set up according to the telemarketing regulations of the particular region.

4. Select an appropriate Dialing Mode

When running campaigns, your outbound calling center can use three dialing modes. Every one of them is special and an approach for defining types of calls.

  • Preview dialing is that the system shows the information about a client before the call and an agent decides whether to call or not to call. This type is useful for complex sales as it gives time to think before a discussion.
  • Progressive dialing (Power dialing) is when the system makes one call and filters all the signals which are busy, no-answers, and answer machines. This allows you to connect your available agents only with live calls and increase your contact rate. Also, this tool is good for small teams (no more than 5).
  • Predictive dialing is believed to be the most appropriate dialing mode with answering machine detection that also connects your managers with live calls, but it can also gather statistics of call duration. Thus, it can calculate the approximate time if the agent is available and call the next client from the list. The larger your work team is, the more accurate the calculations are. Our predictive dialer can profoundly increase productivity as the callers don’t have to spend time waiting for the following call and remain motivated. It has flexible redialing rules so you can set any number of dialing attempts you wish.

5.Determine the right stages

Our outbound campaign strength depends on various factors besides, there are a lot of them you should look through firstly.

  • Contact list quality. Obsolete or bad contacts will affect your campaign or make it doomed to fail.
  • Dialing mode. It has some impact on the agent’s talking time and efficiency. Too many calls can make your team overwork and lose a lot of calls.
  • Standard talking time. It will be different for every type of campaign (sales, survey, or service). When you know the standard talk time for non-decision makers and decision-makers it will help you to get the correct campaign statistics.


The precise planning and the most suitable software are the main points that can make your campaign successful. We are keen to offer you a powerful contact center solution that can help you to reach your goals.

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