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Looking to Hire a Web Designer? Here are 6 Questions You Should Be Asking

Almost everyone today is on the internet. As the owner of the business, you need to reach a lot of people quickly. The internet is a good place for making your business known and supported. You can join social media websites, where most internet users spend a lot of their days. You can create blogs and write about your business for internet users who love to read. You still won’t gain much attention through these things, though. To look more real on the internet, you must have your website. Unless you have endured through years of some web design course, you cannot make a website without help. This is where web designers come in. Here are the questions that you should ask a web designer before hiring him to create your website for you.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

Ask a web designer what kind of experience he has. Ask him about his first project, and ask him about his most recent projects. Ask him if he had any job outside of the web design industry. It should be a plus if the web designer had a past as an artist, graphic designer, or other forms of visual arts. Web designers are supposed to have an eye for art and style, so you must opt for artistic web designers. They will create more harmony in your website design, and it will be your money’s worth.

What are Your Ongoing Support Options?

Ask your web designer what kind of support his company will provide to you. Web designers and their companies usually offer support to clients during and for a certain time after the process of the creation of the client’s website. This is to help with the difficulties and problems that the client might have. Ask him how long this support will last and what it will cover. The amount and time range of support usually depend on the price you’re paying.

What Does Your Availability Look Like?

Ask him how many hours he works in a week. Does he work from nine to five only, or does he work overnight? Does he go on vacation during weekends, or does he not have day offs? If you found a problem in your website project that needs to be fixed, can he be available right away or do you have to call his company support instead? Ask all of these things to your web designer so that you will know what to expect during the project. You won’t be left expecting something while he’s having a day off and playing the best free offline games for Android.

Do You Handle All Development Work In-House?

Ask him if he is a part of a company that belongs to an industry outside of web design, if he is a part of an agency, or if he is a freelance web designer. If he’s a part of a company that belongs to an industry outside of web design, ask him how he creates websites in this company.

How Big is Your Team? How Long Have They Been Working What is Your Estimated Timeline to Build This Site?

Ask him how big his company is. You must know how long they have been around. You also need to know the web designer’s estimated timeline in building your site. You need to know his estimated timeline so that you know how long it can take, what it will take, and how to schedule your tasks around these things. Only your web designer will know about the timeline, so ask him.

How Do You Track the Success of Your Websites?

Ask your web designer how he tracks the success of his websites. Does he develop a program that allows him to track the success of his websites even once they’re being run by their owners? Does he leave codes within the websites he creates to help him track how they perform? Or does he just Google Search his older clients to see how they did with the websites he created? Be clear about this so that you know if he puts anything extra on your website.

Once you hire your web designer, be sure to make your instructions as clear to him as possible. Web designers may know a lot of codes, but it doesn’t allow them to read your mind. Communicate with them and tell them how you want your website to appear and function. Answer their questions. In no time, you’ll be having your website.

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