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Looking for the Right Investment: the Various Types of Investments in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of the oldest and most popular forms of investment. Perhaps newbies in this type of business know that, and maybe that is the reason why they enter into real estate investing. But one thing that they might not know is that there are different types of investment that you can find in real estate.

Although each investment promises good returns on your investment, each of them also has its potential risks. There is unique standards, strategies for success, lending traditions, and mode of income that you can find in each type.

That is why you should know about these different types of real estate investments for you to offset the risks and be successful in real estate investing. Take some time to read this article to learn what you need to learn.

Investments in Industrial Real Estate

A good deal of investors invests in Industrial properties. If you compare it with other real estate investments, investing in industrial properties is easier when it comes to its management, and it requires smaller average investments. The operating expenses are also lower than the retail and office real estate investments.

Most renters or buyers are looking for industrial properties to use these properties for research, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centers.

Investments in Office Properties

Office properties are what you call one of the most favored types of investment for investors. They are the type that has the most popular profile because their location is in the midst of bustling cities and metropolis.

 Since many companies and startups nowadays need an office space, investing in office properties is sure to provide you excellent cash flows.

Investments in Retail Properties

There are various retail properties that you can find nowadays such as small business kiosks, shopping malls, storefronts, and power centers. If commercial businesses are thriving in your area, it is great that you invest in retail properties.  

You can generate more profits if you invest in retail properties. Aside from the base rent that you will receive, you will also get an income through the percentage of sales from your tenants. This income from the sales of your tenants is typically given to the owner to incentivize him to improve the property.

Investments in Residential Real Estate

One time or another, people will always find a place where they can live, and this what makes residential real estate investment an excellent investment. Since there is a high demand for residential properties, you can guarantee that you will have a good income on your investment.

There is also government-backed financing that you can avail if you invest in residential property. You can now pay a mortgage at a lower interest rate which is a big help, especially if you are just starting your business.

However, before you embark on residential real estate investments, you should consult experts in real estate to run your business smoothly. You can tap experts at Ashe Morgan for this purpose.

Investments in Real Estate Investment Trusts

If you want to invest in real estate property but do not have much time to manage your listed investment company, you can choose real estate investment trusts.

Real estate investment trust is real estate properties in a portfolio that you trade like investments in a stock. This investment is like purchasing shares in a company or corporation, and your income will be based on dividends.

Investing in REITs does not involve many risks because what you will purchase is a portfolio of real estate properties, and a team of real estate experts will manage that portfolio.  You will have no hassles about any maintenance of your properties as well as the mortgage loans.


If you are just starting in the business of real estate investment, it is a must that you know the various types of properties that you can invest in. As such, you will know what strategies you will have to craft to make your business profitable and successful.

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Yassi Parrish is a business and real estate blogger. She writes stuff such as tips on how to be successful in real estate business and the ways on how to look for an excellent real estate deal.

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