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LOFTEK Decor Moon Light

A lot of people, parents, in particular, are familiar with mood lights – commonly used to change the feel and atmosphere of an area. Although mood lights can be found in many places in the home such as the bathroom, garden, or lounge, it is not uncommon to find one or two in the kids’ bedroom especially when sleeping in the dark is a problem.

With the above in mind, LOFTEK recently released a mood light series of which the Decor Moon Light is one. Indeed the 3D moon lamp – a unique mood light which comes in both 6 and 7 inches sizes and can be placed anywhere (indoor or outdoor) – appears to be gaining popularity with its ability to bring an instant change to the environment.

Specifically, the LOFTEK mood light is a 3D Printing Moon Lamp with Touch Control that sells at the regular price of $42.99 and the current sale price of $39.99.

It is a great and affordable gift for a variety of occasions from kids to adults. From Valentine to kid’s nurseries and table tops, the list of occasions and potential areas of use is pretty much limitless.

Made to replicate the actual lunar surface with great insight from NASA data, LOFTEK’S moon light easily stands out invoking the inner curiosity of admirers.

The light is inserted in a moon-shaped ball and made of safe and quality materials while giving users high-quality usage.

It does not emit any UV rays and is made with super clean acrylic. Likewise, there are no toxic chemicals to worry about including having no IR, lead, mercury, and so on. This makes it perfect for everyone.

Another plus to the mood light is that it is energy efficient and emits very low heat combining smart battery management technology alongside great touch control. This means that the lamp is controlled by a simple touch. A light touch of the switch will turn the light off, on or change the color. This feature allows users to change the color of the lighting to suit the environment and mood.


The lamp comes with 2 modes of colors tagged (1) the brilliant white and (2) warm orange, which are tailored to match either your mood, the environment or occasions.

You can also change the brightness of the color as well. Each color can be dimmed to any level that suits you by long-pressing the sensor touch switch, allowing you to adjust the brightness.

The battery power on this mood light is based on its built-in, high-capacity lithium battery with up to 10 hours of use on just a single charge. On the charge time, for such great use, you only need about 2 hours to fully recharge the lamp and you can do this through its USB interface. It is so intuitive that it automatically stops charging once it reaches full charge.

To conclude, the LOFTEK lamp is a portable, innovative and enchanting creation that brings the power of the full moon into the home. While adults will enjoy the ambience it provides to their immediate environment, children will love it even more.

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