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Why Live Streaming is Taking Over Advertising

If you’re looking to technology to figure out how to best grab the attention of today’s elusive millennial or the highly anticipated Gen Z’s, then you best look into social media. More specifically live streaming. What is live streaming? Well, it is a platform available through several different providers for free, including Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live just to mention a few, where you film content and have it immediately distributed as it happens to the internet.

Meaning people can watch you unveil a product at the grand opening in the middle of Perth in Australia even though the actual unveiling is happening on the other side of the world in London. Such is the power of this particular form of advertising that news agencies have taken to this as well, check out cnn online streaming and see the news in action. Or just scour cnn hulkuse and view online streams of just about any topic imaginable.

Live streaming allows people all around the world to instantly feel connected to real-world events as they are unfolding. People are able to hear the latest tech news as the newest aircraft, self-driving cars or virtual reality software is released. No longer can things be kept a secret, with everyone dying to have the next best thing and with queues for the new iPhones beginning days in advance, the age of instant is here and live streaming is the best way to facilitate this.

The latest generations, namely millennial and generation z, have been brought being exposed to tech news on a daily basis, having spent more time playing on tablets and iPad’s than in trees and sandpits they are a little harder to market to. Not to mention a lot harder to grab their attention, and while videos seem to be a fantastic medium, live streaming is the pinnacle of this category – well at least when it comes to advertising. 

If you’re hoping to secure the attention and hopefully the funds of these elusive markets, then live streaming will surely be your best bet. Not only is it fun, easy to use and understand, but it allows for greater interaction. Meaning not only can viewers comment on the content as it happens, but because they are seeing it live they can respond to your content via social media in real time.

Thus increasing the chances that the number of people who will see your video live will increase as well, ensuring that the news of your latest product will far ahead of the latest tech news release. When it comes to ensuring that your advertising strategies for your products are keeping up with the times and not referencing the good old days, make sure to stay one step ahead of the tech news, make sure to stream live.

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I am Tahir . A developer, blogger and technology expert. With 15 year plus, development experience with online shopping carts, system development, Payment gateways and much more. I love writing, blogging, traveling and like to explore new places in the world.

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