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A To-Do List that Can Make Your App Publishing Flawless

Undeniably, it is not an easy task to get your app published on the standardized app stores, i.e the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Prior to getting your app launched, you need to gather a proper understanding about the publishing guidelines for a particular app store, for which you want to get your app published. So, here is a graphed checklist that must be considered in making the app publishing successful.

1) Be aware of Publishing process as well as policies:

Every app store has different publishing policies and process, thus, following them is a must-do activity that a mobile app developer must consider. Scan out the publishing workflow clearly so as to make the publishing mechanism simplified. A clear insight regarding the acceptance criteria and violation policies is required for capturing a superior ranking.  Adhering to all sets of regulation that is implied, can make your app stand aloud in any of the required App Store.

2) Conduct a Quality Test

Build up a simulation environment, and conduct a test for your app to pass through it. Process your app, for making sure that it adheres to all the quality expectations which are stipulated for the devices. Also, make it a practice to run your app on the different screen resolutions so to ensure its integrity and scalability plus it vanishes off the probability of getting the app rejected, as all the quality related modules have already been answered. Also, verify the quality of the devices that are pertinent to an app. For instance, an education app must be tested on all K-12 compatible devices.

3) Screen as well as Platform Compatibility

It is vital to carry out compatibility test for different screen size. For instance, if you have built an app for the Android platform with a specific device screen size in mind, then in this case, you are required to carry out compatibility test in order to find out the minimum version for which your app can be regarded as befitting. All you need to do is run your app on the specific screen size, so as to confirm the overall look as well as the attractiveness of app.

4) Premium of Free App

Do you intend to publish a free app or you desire to charge users for your app? In case you intend on a premium app, it is vital to plan the pricing of the app. Just remember to implement the optimized payment gateway option of the particular app store. Outline all the necessary payments and functionality related guidelines for proffering a seamless app publishing ecosystem.

5) Plan the Localization Strategy for your App

You need to be clear about the country that you wish to target. Based on that selection, the localization strategy for an app is selected.  Depending on the strategy that have been graphed, the images, strings and the particular regions are selected and accordingly the App Store lists your app. Graphics assets, symbols, etc. should be used astutely for making the app visibility much more clean and transparent.

6) Build engaging Graphics as well as Screenshots for Display

It is vital to look out for some interesting screenshots as well as displays that you will adopt at the  time of publishing your app. The iterative and captivating elements that you use make your app more presentable on the app store. You can even go for adding a video as well, and make it embedded with all the relevant and significant app features, so as to incline the engagement mechanism of your app.

7) Build Release Ready APK

In case you are contented with the quality of your app then you can go in for uploading the ready APK of the same. The entire procedure of loading APK into the developer console is similar for all kinds of apps. All that is required to be done is the code cleansing that can be followed by the optimization. Thus, sign the release key and for conducting the final testing accordingly.

Closing In:

Hence,  these are some of the aforementioned key points that are required to be addressed in case you are planning to publish your app on any of the app stores. Hence, make necessary provisions associated with the app display, code structure and publishing policies for making your app adored by users.

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Arun Goyal is Managing Director at Octal IT Solution, leading Web & Mobile App Development company offering flexible hiring model to hire a dedicated developer for your business requirement.

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